KDN is a leading manufacture of feed enzyme, probiotics(DFM) in China, with 9 subsidiaries and 1 biotech R&D Institution.

KDN products:

Formulated complex enzyme for swine/piglet/poultry/ruminant/aquaculture on different diet base corn soyabean meal/wheat/Miscellaneous meal

(composed of phytase, xylanase, mannanase, pectinase, cellulase, -Glucanase, acid-protease, amylase, a-Galactosidase.)

Formulated probiotics for layers/broilers/swine/diary cow/aquaculture

lactobacillus thermostable
lactobacillus water soluble
bacillus subtilis
bacillus licheniformis

Nano Grade Liquid Multivitamins (New: AD3E, for Broiler&layer, for breeder)

Allicin (Garlic Powder)

Company details

  • Address: Rm.12A06, Shandong Expressway Mansion,No.29 Miaoling Road,Qingdao, 266061,P.R.China
  • Country: China
  • Tel: +86 5328 8969585

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