Manufacturers & Exporters Of Bolt Plate Fasteners No.1.1/2″ No.2″ No.2.1/2″ No.3″ Oval Type Belt Fasteners in Syeel ( 16-G , 10-G & 14-G), ALLIGATOR LACING (No.15-No.65), ELEVATOR BUCKET BOLTS , BELT PUNCHES, Oval Type Belt Fasteners in Malleable Casting (10 -G, 14-G)
Medium Duty Fasteners such as :- 1″, 2″, 3″ 2″

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  • Address: 1606 Dashmesh Nagar, Gill Road, Ludhiana -141003, Punjab
  • Country: India
  • Tel: +91 161 -5019908

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