KT Engineers manufacture bolt and fastener products used by businesses in the Milling, Food and Materials Handling Industries. Also other industries, including Minerals, Paper, Automotive… and more.

Also, the Company is a leading manufacturer of the KT (King Tiger) and KTX brands of  quality engineering components. Products include, Adapter Sleeves, Withdrawal Sleeves, Locking Nuts, Precision Lock Nuts and Precision Ball Screw. Also, Lock Nut Toyota, Check Nut Manifolds, Elevator Bucket Bolts, KTX Brand Oval Type Fasteners, Spacer Tillers and LVJ Brackets.

Further products are Bolt Plate Fasteners -( No.1.1/2″ No.2″ No.2.1/2″ No.3″). Also, Oval Type Belt Fasteners in Syeel( 16-G, 10-G & 14-G) and Alligator Lacing (No.15-No.65). Also, Elevator Bucket Bolts, Belt Punches, Oval-Type Belt Fasteners in Malleable Casting(10 -G, 14-G) and Medium Duty Fasteners, such as, 1″, 2″, 3″ 2″.


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  • Address: 1606 Dashmesh Nagar, Gill Road, Ludhiana, Punjab , 141003,
  • Country: India
  • Tel: +91 9878659123

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