Industrial Tecnica Pecuaria SA, (ITPSA ) is a leading manufacturer of supplements to aid the quality of all Animal Feeds. Its products are in demand World-wide.

Its Feed Products include, Pigments, Antioxidants, Acidulants, Mould Inhibitors and Enzymes. Also, Environmental Control Elements, Quality Enhancers, Antimicrobials, Flavours and Sweeteners and varied Distribution Products. The species targeted by the Feed-enhancing products, are Poultry, Pigs, Ruminants, Aquaculture and Pets.

The continuous growth of ITPSA, has led its operational activities into the field of Human Nutrition, while maintaining the standards of quality, safety and reliability of the produced specialist Nutritional human-use Antioxidant products.


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  • Address: Av. de Roma 157, 7ª planta, Barcelona, Catalonia, 08011
  • Country: Spain
  • Tel: +34 934 520 330
  • Fax: +34 934 520 331

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