Indeck Power Equipment Company produces, develops and manufactures Steam and Hot water generation equipment for businesses in the Food Industry. It also supplies to numerous other Industry sectors, including, Bio-Mass, Utilities, Waste Management; Textiles, Manufacturing, Heat and Power, Oil Refinery …and more.

Its product range includes, Watertube boilers; Biomass boilers, Mobile boilers, Packaged boilers, Waste heat boilers, solid fuel boilers and also Firetube boilers.  Indeck also provides  trailer mounted or skid mounted boilers and diesel generators for lease or rent and also carries stock boilers and auxiliary equipment, generators and boiler auxiliaries.

The Indeck Master Agreement Plan is available for boiler contingencies and emergencies and an Aftermarket Service is available. Lead Indeck designed products include Low NOx, Ultra Low NOx, SCR systems, Controls and BMS systems.

Indeck is a global leader in its field and operates a flourishing International trading network in many countries across the World.

Company details

  • Address: Corporate Headquarters Indeck Power Equipment Company , IL 60090, 1111 Willis Ave, Wheeling, Illinois, IL 60090
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 847 541 8300
  • Fax: +1 847 541 9984

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