Hamlet Protein provide Nutrition products to promote the health and efficiency in young animals. These include piglets, poultry and calves.

The nutritional needs of young animals sets the standard for all the Hamlet business’ operations. This commitment is helping elevate best practice in Animal Feed development and supply. Hamlet uses special technologies  to produce its unique soya-based protein products for use in Feed specifically for the young animals.

All Hamlet products are based on a patented bio-conversion process, which produces safe, protein-based solutions, rich in the nutrients essential for healthy growth.

The Company’s Production Plants in Denmark and the USA  meet the criteria of the Feed Safety GMP+ standard. Also, the Hamlet business’ own strict Feed Safety Policy ensures full traceability of both GMO and non GMO products, which allows for the easy tracing  of any problem Feed batch.

Also,every week, Hamlet’s laboratory team analyses 200 protein samples, taken round-the-clock from production lines. These analyses are an important part of the business’ Customer Service and guarantee of safe, high-product quality.

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  • Address: Saturnvej 51, Horsens, Jutland, DK-8700
  • Country: Denmark
  • Tel: + 45 75 63 10 20
  • Fax: + 45 75 63 10 25

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