Our corporation was established in 1990 and has been carrying on its production on 30.000 square meter field in Konya/TURKEY with its 130-person experienced staff and with franchising network in many countries offering turn-key solutions to the customers on flour and semolina production plants. It has achieved to be a company to export their products to 35 countries at the point they are in today by taking a latest technology painting unit to provide the painting of the machines without any defects and in a quick manner; a wood production unit to manufacture the wooden parts of the milling system and a modern and ergonomic spare part warehouse to provide adaptation to the speedy and effective production system and supply the customers spare parts quickly into operation. We offer the most convenient turn-key solutions on the projects we have undertaken with flour and semolina production plants with the experience we have had on the Milling Machines Production field together with designing, production and installation. Having completed more than 200 different projects in time and without any faults since the day it was established, Genc Degirmen has been carrying out to create new projects being implemented with the constant R & D studies. The company has received Russian GOST Certification Body, ISO 9001:2000, CE Marking right for all the machines which are manufactured and Certificate of Conformity to Quality from the Turkish Standards Institution.Having the ability to realize milling machine production at every level which are needed.


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  • Address: Asagi Pinarbasi Mah. Ankara Cad. No:245, 42250, Seluklu, Konya
  • Country: Turkey
  • Tel: +90 332 444 0894
  • Fax: +90 332 444 0895

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