Gaudenzi Perforated Sheets produces a range of specialist metallic products for businesses in a range of varied Industries including  Feed, Pet Food, Materials Handling, Processing and Architecture. It operates varied specific work processes such as punching, drilling and water jet cutting.

Its product range includes, Perforated Sheets; Embossed Sheets, Expanded Metals, Drilled Plates, Metal Wire Meshes, and also Nets, Filters and Conveyor Belts. Other products are Weathering Steel; Metal and Nylon Ropes and Lifting Systems, Brass Shims and Expo Panels.

Also, leading new products from Gaudenzi are Black Shield, the surface hardening treatment for metals, and Silver Carbon, the wear-resistant barrier. This is new technology inside the Mill Hammers, specifically used for processing Pet Food.


Company details

  • Address: 29 Via Marco Polo , Albignasego , Padua, 35020 PD
  • Country: Italy
  • Tel: +39 049 8809422
  • Fax: +39 049 8809430

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