Gafta – The Grain and Feed Trade Association is an International Trade operation with over 1800 members in 95 countries. It is located in The United Kingdom.
Its aims include, promoting International Trade in Agricultural Commodities, Spices and other general produce and also, protecting member interests World-wide.
Gafta runs three Approved Registers for members providing services in support of the trade of Agricultural Commodities and Animal Feedingstuffs. These are Analyst, Fumigator and also Superintendent. Being on the Registers demonstrates to customers that businesses conform with the high International standards set by Gafta.
Gafta runs First-class Industry Training and also stages varied Events. These aim to promote best practice and networking among the many, varied and wide-ranging businesses operating within the Grain Industry.

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  • Address: 9 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Camden, London , WC2A 3BP
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 207 814 9666
  • Fax: +44 207 814 8383

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