Fischbein International develops, produces and manufactures machinery to close “open mouth” bags for businesses in the Food, Feed, Pet Food and Agriculture Industries World-wide. It also operates within a range of other Industry sectors including, Minerals, Pharmaceuticals  and Building Materials.

The business is part of the Duravant Family of Companies and has its Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It also has Corporate Offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Its many products include, Bag Sewing, Bag Sealing, Bag Gluing; Combined Gluing Closures, Bagging, Conveyors and also, various consumables, sewing thread, lubricants and Crepe tape. Also, Bag Kickers, Taggers, Connecting Tables, Trim Removal Systems and Palletisers.

All Fischbein products are robust in design, are cost effective and their bagging products are very popular, in particular, with the Flour Industry, for their products quality, durability and sealing capacity.

The Fischbein business provides complete ‘packaged’ bagging lines, supported by specialist Conveying Machinery and various, innovative ‘Robotic’ Automated technologies-backed equipments. The business operates a pro-active Machinery Spare Parts service.


Company details

  • Address: Paepsem Business Park , Boulevard Paepsem 8, Paepsem , Brussels, B1070
  • Country: Belgium
  • Tel: +32 2 555 11 70
  • Fax: +32 2 520 33 90

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