Ferrer is a specialist pharmaceuticals business, which discovers, researches, develops and diagnoses performance safety, health and quality aspects in protection and enhancement of Food and Feed products. It has a marketing presence and a highly successful influence in more then 100 countries World-wide.

The business’ Health Tech brand is something of a ‘hallmark of quality’ through which the Ferrer Chemical division, backed by its remarkable Research and Development operation, manufactures and supplies raw materials, flavours, sweeteners, antioxidants and ingredients rigorously researched and developed to aid human and animal Food and Feed.

Ferrer has uniquely-equipped manufacturing plant located in Barcelona, Spain. As well as working in Food and Feed, Ferrer also performs in relation to numerous other Industries and Commercial sectors. Its focused key mission is to advance the general well-being and the  Health of Society and to ensure that the concept of eco-efficiency is at the heart of everything.




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  • Address: Diagonal 549, Barcelona, , Catalonia, 08029
  • Country: Spain
  • Fax: +34 935 894502

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