Feed Grain Agri Brokers, based in Rajkot, India is an experienced Agricultural Commodity Broker, with a network of buyers and sellers in over 60 countries, across Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

The Feed and Grain Agro brokers ‘deal’ in products such as Grains, Pulses, Rice, Oil Seeds, Oil Extractions, Feed Mill Ingredients, Sugar, Cattle Feeds  and Cotton.  It markets from its India base, to the numerous you countries and Regions including Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Singapore and The United States.

The business prides itself on its long-established Trading expertise, keen pricing and its flourishing relationships network, all backed by prompt shipment and efficient handling of all trading documentation. It also operates effective storage of products prior to shipment and attentive Quality Inspection Controls.


Company details

  • Address: 905 Star Plaza, Phulchhab Chowk, Rajkot, Gujarat, 360001
  • Country: India
  • Tel: +91 88 6666 3400
  • Fax: +91 281 3065002

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