Fawema Inc provides and markets varied, high-quality bag-packaging systems for Flour, Bakery Mixes, Grains and also rolled oats…..and more.

The business’ supplied Fawema GmbH products include, Packers and Bag Hangers for paper and plastic bags for ┬ásizes up to 55 lb/25 kg. These are for use with a variety of Bag Closure machinery styles (double-fold, pinch, sewn..and more). Also, Integrated Packaging System products, Auger Fillers, Check Weighers, Metal Detectors and Shrink Bundling Equipment.

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  • Address: Suite 2900, 55 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois, IL 60603
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 312 924 9029

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