Engsko AS United Milling Systems deliver numerous, varied tailor-made machinery solutions for cleaning, grinding and sifting different types of grains. Their impressive renowned product schedule includes – Milling Plants; Grinding Mills; Millstones; Hammermills and all relating support accessories.

Engsko AS Mill plants – with the renowned Engsko grinding mill stones at their heart – contribute valuably to the supply of healthy, quality food World-wide  and also aid farmers to essentially increase the profitability of their relevant supply chains. Over the years, millions of sets of Engsko stones have be produced and now serve tirelessly within the World-wide food chain.

The business’ ever-developing, expert technologies, at the core their strong and durable stone and disc mill products, play a telling and fundamental part in enabling and empowering both artisan bakeries to provide quality, organic and gluten-free food, and also Industrial millers to achieve an improving range of varying options in grain and flour products.

Engsko AS United Milling Systems now combines the ‘know-how’ of several Danish companies. The now extended business has a much-respected, long-standing knowledge and experience of all grain handling and flour milling equipment, ranging from the supply of modest, single-stone grinding mills to the complex, challenging installation of complete flour-milling plants.

As a totally reliable, innovative and experienced partner, Engsko AS United Milling’s high-quality solutions continue to support, guide and assist many types of clients, from first planning to the project start-up and installation, enabling them to eventually achieve the successful and vital long term aim of producing of their own ‘brand’ and type of wholemeal flour.

Surely, the ‘long ago’ vision of Engsko AS at its start-up in 1900, has now become its ‘core mission’ heading into a new decade of the following Millennium!


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  • Address: Engsko A/S , PO Box 73 , Tronholmen 10E, Randers SØ, 8960
  • Country: Denmark
  • Tel: +45 8642 6488
  • Fax: +45 8641 3622

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