Changsha Haolin Chemicals Co Ltd, now renamed LinXiang HaoLin Additive Co Ltd, provides effective Additive products to the Food and Feed Industry Internationally. 

Its Chemical products include, Sodium Metabisulfite; Sodium Sulphite;  Zinc sulphate and also, Manganese Sulphate; Ferrous Sulphate…. and more. The business produces more than 20,000 tons of each of these products annually.

Changsi Haolin operates as part of EChemi Group, which provides products in numerous Industry sector categories, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, API, Dyes and Pigments, Chemical Pesticides and Surfactant. Also, Flavours and Fragrances; Chemical Re-agents and Catalyst and Auxiliary.


Company details

  • Address: 12 Hua Yin Mansion, No.5 Donghai West Road, Qingdao, Shangdong Province, 266000
  • Country: China
  • Tel: +86 0532 80905922
  • Fax: +86 0532 89072276

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