C. Gerhardt GmbH Co KG is one of the World’s leading developers and producers of analysis systems for Food, Animal Feed, Raw materials, Plant matter… and much more. The business supplies its expertise to numerous Industry sectors, where there is a high and essential demand for accuracy, reliability and continuous attention to service.

The business – formed way back in 1846 – is today certainly representative of  reliability and precision, long-lasting partnerships, flexibility and continuous service orientation.

Each industry has to comply with very specific provisions and standards, when it comes to assessing raw materials, the production process and quality checks of finished products. The C. Gerhardt business is, of course, totally familiar with the day-to-day operations of a high-throughput feedstuffs laboratory and are also well-acquainted with the specific analytical challenges that many products present within laboratory analysis.

However, despite all these differences, all Industries share one thing – the need to trust in processes that run reliably and transparently in order to ensure that all manufactured products have a consistently high-quality.

C. Gerhardt has a wealth of experience in a wide-range of laboratory sectors. Their analysis systems and corresponding applications perform their tasks reliably in many laboratories around the World. Close co-operation with Client Customers, in many cases over the course of decades, means that the C. Gerhardt business is now highly familiar with need, and includes this gleaned knowledge in the development and continuous improvement of its analysis systems.

The C. Gerhardt business offers numerous, essential, cost-effective device analysis guidance and solutions within many key product-type arenas, including, Grain, Fish, Feedstuffs, Dairy Products, Oil, Seed, Biomass, Foods, Brewing and Malting, Meat… and more. It also operates around varied Environmental considerations and relating Agri-elements and services.



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  • Address: Cäsariusstraße 97, Königswinter, North Rhine Westphalia, 53639
  • Country: Germany
  • Tel: +49 2223 2999 0
  • Fax: +49 2223 2999 99

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