With more than 40 professional staff and over than 17 years of experience, Bastak laboratory instruments and flour improvers meet all your needs for a complete laboratory solution with its 28 well done instruments, and will continue to have its new instruments in the near future which will be beyond expectation. Bastak is the Turkish export leader in the sector, exporting to more than 65 countries around the world. A Bastak policy is to get 100% satisfaction of its clients, because we know client satisfaction is the most important factor of our growth. Bastak’s R&D department working day and night for developing and improving every single point of our instruments, we are choosing our spare parts from the highest quality and most well-known around the world. As a world known brand Bastak joins lots of international exhibitions, fairs, shows, and seminars around the world.

List of instruments:

NIR analyzer DA-9000

Gluten Washer 6000-6100

Index 2100

Dry Gluten 2500

Enzyme Meter 5000 – 5100 – (Falling Number)

Sampling Probes 10000 – 10100 – 10200 Sampler

Sampling Probe 10 500

Sample Divider 13 000

Hammer Mill 1900 – 1800

Hammer Mill 1900 Smart

Roller Mill Double Passage 4500 – 4500s

Roller Mill 4000 – 1000 – 1500

Sample Cleaner 13500

Hectoliter 7000

Nilemalitre 7500

Moisture Meter 16000

Ash Furnace 12000

Lab Sifter 8000 – 8500 (Sieve Sifter)

Sedimentation Device 3100

Volume Meter 13300



Company details

  • Address: Ivedik Organize Sanayi Blgesi, 21.Cad. 511.Sok. No:19 Ivedik, Ankara
  • Country: Turkey
  • Tel: +90 312 395 67 87
  • Fax: +90 312 395 67 88

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