Baker Perkins develops, produces and manufactures Machinery and Equipment for the Food, Baking and Pet Food Industries. It exports World-wide and has operations in the USA and United Kingdom.

Its ‘lead’ Food products include Cookies, Crackers, Cereals, including Traditional, Extruded, Granola Products and Cereal Bars, and also, Snacks and Confectionery.

Machinery and Equipment products include, Food Extrusion; Co-Extruded Products and Heat Transfer, Pet Food Dough Mixers, Pet Food Moulding Equipment, Pet Food Forming, Cutting and Baking Equipments, Laboratory and Small Batch Extruders; High-Output Extruders and Food Production Lines. Also, Mixing and Dough Feed Equipment, Hybrid Ovens, Biscuit Handling, Sandwiching Systems…and more.

Also, Baker Perkins’ policy is to provide machines that are ‘Industry 4.0 Ready’ so that manufacturers can tailor their output.


Company details

  • Address: 3223 Kraft Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan , MI 49512-202
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 616 784 3111
  • Fax: +1 616 784 0973

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