Today’s demanding requirements for cost­-effective, quality, and high-­performance feeds make it obvious that producing quality feeds requires a high level of specialized processing technology.

ANDRITZ is a unique company with the ability to manufacture and supply each and every machine in the feed pelleting line. With an in-­depth knowledge of each key process, we can supply a compatible and homogeneous solution, from raw material intake to finished feed bulk loading.

We are strongly committed to excellent performance and quality of our products and to being a strong partner for our customers. We have delivered products  and plant solutions since the 1960s and  have gained extensive knowledge and insight into the demands of the specific feed and biofuel markets.

Our focus is on innovation and keeping up with new technological developments. We always strive to provide our customers with the newest technologies that will ensure better and more efficient production, minimizing operation costs, maximizing energy efficiency and environmental protection, and giving our customers a competitive advantage.


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  • Address: Glentevej 5-7, DK-6705, Esbjerg
  • Country: Denmark
  • Fax: +45 7216 0301

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