In almost 50 years of business, AGREX Spa has become a leading name on both the domestic and international market and is, as always, committed to the constant pursuit of ever-improved standards of quality and added value for its products.

A policy of continuous investment into technology and human resources to assure customers the very latest services definitively makes Agrex a company geared towards the future.

AGREX milling plants actually measure from 20 to 200 square metres, and no more than 7.5 metres in height. They are installed on a single floor, and all you need to do then is connect them to the appropriate electricity and water supplies. Assembly, testing and startup are all performed by AGREX engineers in a matter of a few days.

With their enviable production potential, which varies from 7 to 150 tonnes of grain ground in 24 hours, depending on the model, our mills can be installed as part of a multi-line so that various kinds of flour can be obtained at the same time, optimizing production requirements.


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  • Address: Via Balla 55/57, 35010 Villafranca, Padovana (Padova)
  • Country: Italy
  • Tel: +39 049 90 75 684
  • Fax: +39 049 90 75 524

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