Founded two decades ago, AGPR5 has developed to become a leading company  in the delivery of automated and software product solutions for Agriculture and the Animal  Feed industries.  AGPR5 has also been highly successful with its expertly-created and derived technologies within numerous other Industry sectors throughout many Countries and Regions of the World.

A key service delivery product for the business is Gemba Mill. This is an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) platform for the automation of Animal Nutrition Plants – both Premix and Animal Nutrition. Gemba Mill is currently one of the most used and complete automation systems for the control, management and traceability of businesses working in the Animal Nutrition Industry sector. The company’s MES expertise is also operating throughout the Feed Industry in Slaughterhouses, Refrigerators, Animal Protein processing, Oilseeds preparation and Materials Packaging and Palletising.

The AGPR5 company’s Engineering, Electronics and Automated Robotics expertise is successfully performing in all kinds varied sectors of business and industry including:- Automation Software; IOT Cognition and Artificial Intelligence; Access Controls; Engineering and Electrical Installations at Electromechanical Works; Turn-Key bespoke project solutions of numerous types; Thermal Insulation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Instrumentation and BT and MT Electric Boards and Panels. The business has also developed a varied in-demand range of instrumentation for use in Lighting, Micro Solar and Micro Wind Turbine installations. It is also active in Plant ND key Start-up projects, Commissioning, Instrumentation, Calibration and Field Networks.

AGPR5 is also to the fore in helping to develop key training programmes targeting Electrical, Mechanical and Automation Technologies and Processes.

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  • Address: Rodovia Antônio Darós 1555, Criciuma, Santa Catarina, 88816-195
  • Country: Brazil
  • Tel: +55 48 3462 3900

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