ADM Milling is one of the largest agricultural processors in the World. It serves as a vital link between Farmers and Consumers, taking crops and processing them to make vital Food and Animal Feed, Renewable Fuels and key, naturally-derived, alternatives to Industrial Chemicals.

For more than a Century, the ADM Company has transformed crops into products, in order to serve the vital needs of a growing World. Today, ADM is still doing just that and it has, without doubt, established itself as one of the World’s largest Agricultural processors and Food and Feed ingredient providers. Its operation has approximately 40,000 employees, serving Client Customers in nearly 200 countries globally.

The ADM World-wide business operation includes some 450 Crop Procurement locations; More than 330 Food and Feed ingredient manufacturing facilities; Some 62 Innovation Centres and the World’s Premier Crop-Transportation Networks.

ADM activities literally connects ‘The Harvest to the Home’ – and its purpose is clear. Because of the undeniable, essential need for Food and Energy, ADM appreciates it must be vitally committed to always plan, innovate and look forward, in order to grow and continue to achieve delivery of all that is  needed, for a continually extending and expanding World’s future.

The ADM vision is to become THE most admired Global Agri-business, creating Value and an ever- growing Responsibility to serve The World’s most vital needs.

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  • Address: Suite 4600, Illinois , 77 West Wacker Drive , Chicago, Illinois, IL 60601
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 312 634 8100
  • Fax: +1 509 534 4126

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