Beyond the designing of machines serving for bulk handling, storage and dosage of bulk materials, our feed industry business branch also performs the installation of complete plants and production lines.

The foundation of our company is our flexible, stable, highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, technicians and experts, who are reliable under any conditions. The primary objective of Abraziv Ltd is to provide the most favorable technical solutions to our clients, and to guarantee high quality and cost-efficient performance.

We undertake everything from the designing of unique machines through manufacturing to installation, and through the designing of complete technological production lines to the construction of entire mixing plants. Our clients are businesses engaged in proportioning, mixing and pelleting, primarily plants producing animal feed, nutrients and premix.

Beyond distribution in Hungary, the feed industry machines of Abraziv Ltd are currently exported to multiple countries, therefore our developments have international significance.

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  • Address: 3 Paul Lechler str., Kecskemét, Bács-Kiskun, 6000
  • Country: Hungary
  • Tel: +3676815900

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