The Brazilian Association of Wheat (Abitrigo) represents, defends and protects  those working in the Country’s Wheat Milling Industry.

These businesses process some 75% of the Wheat grown in Brazil and also, manufacture a wide-variety of different Flour-based products for the domestic Consumer market.

The organisation contributes to the strengthening of the Brazilian Milling environment and the dissemination  of accurate and quality product information. Previously, it completely re-structured the entire Wheat production chain, stimulating ‘best practice, sharing more knowledge and generating most effective activity.

Wheat Flour is the basic raw material for the production of many essential Foods, such as Bread, Pasta, Cakes ..and more. It is healthy and essential to good health as Wheat-based foods are a main source of human energy.


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  • Address: Rua Santa Luzia 651, 20030040 , 12 Adnar, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 20030040
  • Country: Brazil
  • Tel: +55 3078 9001
  • Fax: +55 3078 8995

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