Bühler discusses key trends that transform the grain-processing industry with CEOs and opinion leaders at the upcoming Bühler Networking Days



From August 22 to 24th, Bühler has invited several hundred CEOs and opinion leaders in the grain-processing industry to gather in Uzwil, Switzerland to the Bühler Networking Days. During the event, we will present and discuss the technology and market trends, challenges and solutions that will transform our industry. Leading speakers from science and industry will provide inspiration with keynote speeches. Bühler will showcase its latest solutions portfolio in an exhibition covering 1800 square meters, featuring more than 30 innovations.

“As the leader of the industry, we are bringing together the key players in the grain value chain at the Bühler Networking Days. We want to discuss how the future will look like and how our businesses will evolve going forward”, says Johannes Wick, CEO Grains & Food. The event will focus on four key drivers that are transforming the grain-processing industry and changing the way we do business: nutrition, food and feed safety, sustainability and the Internet of Things. The inspirational key note speakers include Prof. Chris Elliott, Director of the Institute for Global Food Security and Professor at the Queen’s University Belfast; Prof. Dr. Lino Guzzella, President of the ETH in Zurich; Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth, Managing Director of the Hasler Foundation; Prof. Dr-Ing. Werner Bauer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Nestlé Deutschland; and Dirk Slama, Director of Business Development at Bosch Software Innovations.
These top speakers will provide insights into their fields of expertise and engage in a dialogue with renowned Bühler experts and the participants, consisting of invited CEOs and opinion leaders across the grain-value chain. These strategic input sessions are complemented with presentations of available solutions from Bühler to address these trends and challenges. Break-out session, expert tours, and a major exhibition hall will create an exciting environment, in which the industry leaders can exchange and develop ideas, network and discuss future trends. “We are looking forward to world-class speakers, innovative solutions and great networking opportunities. And we want to show how our state-of-the-art solutions create sustainable advantages for our customers”, says Johannes Wick. Bühler will feature more than 30 innovations in the specifically built exhibition area in Uzwil, Switzerland, covering 1800 square meters.
Bühler has identified four core topics that will transform the grain-processing industry and change the way we do business:
Nutrition: How can we secure healthy human and animal nutrition for the population of today and tomorrow? Be it gluten-free pasta, alternative protein sources, or the rise in pulses consumption, nutrition trends are important drivers of the food industry and society at large.
Food and feed safety: How can we make food and feed safer in todays integrated supply chains? Safety and security of food and feed is becoming increasingly important. We hear of new product recalls every day. State-of-the-art cleaning, sorting and measuring processes coupled with thorough hygienic designs enable the industry to make substantial progress in that field.
Sustainability: How can we reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste or source raw materials more sustainably? The top issues are reducing energy and water use, eliminating waste and ensuring sustainable sourcing of key macro nutrients such as proteins for both human and animal consumption.
Internet of Things: What does digitalization mean for our industry? Digitalization is creating a level of transparency and process control never known before. It has the power to bring consumer and producers together by disrupting existing models, and opens up new ways for boosting performance, efficiency, and quality.

As the industry leader, Bühler assumes its responsibility to anticipate trends and challenges in these four areas, and find sustainable solutions. “Nutrition, food safety, sustainability and the Internet of Things are drivers that need to be taken into our strategies as we build our industry’s future”, says Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer at Bühler. “It’s going to be exciting to discuss with our industry partners how these drivers will change the way we do business.” By bringing together the leading players in the grain-processing industry with world-class speakers and innovative solutions, Bühler is one step ahead in processing grains to food and feed.

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