Brabender Spearheads New Direction in Rheology

With the new Aqua-Inject, Brabender® has made a big step in the direction of measurable reliability in the field of rheology. The technological component is the ideal add-on module to augment tried-and-tested Farinograph®-E-Technology.

With this exciting new product the technological giants can offer a self-sufficient device for the automatic dosage of water with integrated temperature monitoring. Exact and reproducible water dosages are for exact measurements of the water absorption levels of milled products and evaluating the kneading properties of doughs.

The software doses fluids electronically and accurately “down to the drop” according to specifications and input. In this manner, any possible operating errors when measuring and introducing amounts of water via pipettes or burettes are eliminated – previously, this could cause undesirable errors in accuracy.

According to Brabender, “The automatic determination of amounts of water according to preselected analysis standard guarantees the highest amount of accuracy with a dosing deviation of under 0.1 percent.”

Technology-Duo via USB
The technology built into the Aqua-Inject allows for a parallel temperature monitoring of the dosing water, eliminating yet another source of error another crucial factor for the kneading process. Brabender recommends that the water dosed remains at a virtually constant temperature, “Independent of the ambient temperature”. This can be set by the Farinograph® thermostats. In addition, a USB cable connection guarantees smooth communications between the Farinograph®-E (USB) and the Aqua-Inject port – a “tuning package” with extra functionality for practical and current laboratory applications of farinogram analysis according to the established Brabender® technique.

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