Alapala and Daewon announce partnership




                                    Daewon GSI

International Milling Directory members Alapala and Daewon GSI announce a new partnership. 

The International Milling Directory knows the Turkish organisation Alapala as an advertiser on the back page of our current and previous editions and Daewon GSI for their rice milling to colour machinery from the Republic of Korea.

Our sister blog, The Global Miller, covered this story and we wanted to relay the message for all International Milling Directory members and users immediately.

Alapala has announced a strategic partnership with Daewon GSI to provide its customer colour sorter, rice mill, pre-cleaner, de-stoner and debraning machines for the global market.
This strategic partnership is an excellent opportunity for Alapala and Daewon GSI to combine their expertise, resources and vast experience in the field of coaching to better meet the growing needs of sector customers.

This strategic partnership expansion will be highlighted by engineering teams collaborating on deeper integrations across the Alapala and Daewon GSI‘s infrastructure and management stacks, data centre, networking and computing platforms.

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International Milling Directory at GEAPS Exchange 2013

The International Milling Directory has now joined Pinterest to show our exposure at industry events. Our recent trip to GEAPS Exchange in Louisville, Kentucky was very successful and we were glad to meet old and new members there. Six boxes of the IMD were shipped there in advance. The event was successfully staged and we are hoping to attend next year’s in Omaha, Nebraska, USA event for the 3rd year running.

GEAPS Exchange

GEAPS Exchange

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Russia registers Addcon’s products



International Milling Directory‘s member, Addcon, have just released New products are available now in Russia following the news that KOFA GRAIN pH5, Addcon´s feed and grain preservative as well as KOFASIL liquid, Addcon´s no 1 silage additive have been registered successfully in Russia lately. The products will be available in Russia for the coming grass silage season and grain harvesting season respectively to be used and tested by the industry.

Kurt Wegleitner from Addcon said,

“Rising feed costs have had a severe impact on animal production in Russia as anywhere else. It is a key requirement to keep losses low and to preserve the quality of the raw material. Both KOFA GRAIN and KOFASIL will help to those minimize losses AND it will preserve the quality of the raw material thus we can ensure healthy and safe feed ingredients. As we are committed to the markets in Eastern Europe, Addcon will appoint more business partners in the region. In addition, a new technical application manager will start soon with Addcon to support both our distributors and customers in the region”

The International Milling Directory wishes Addcon good success in the Russian market.

Addcon have been a member of the International Milling Directory for many years.

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[Source: Engormix].

IMD welcomes back its GEAPSers

Braving the snowy weather on the east coast, the International Milling Directory team has returned from its travels having made a big impression Stateside.

IMD co-ordinator Tom Blacker is not willing to go as far as to compare the trip’s success to The Beatles’s first American tour, but with hundreds of directories distributed and solid feedback from GEAPS exhibitors, he’s confident that next year’s edition will be the best one yet.

Tom was knocked for six by the number of IMD customers repeating their orders for listings and increasing their advertising prominence in the print and online editions. Have you got in touch with us about IMD 2013/4 yet? Visit our website now to update your listing, or register your company today!

IMD and the rest of the global milling industry have left GEAPS's 2013 Exchange behind

IMD and the rest of the global milling industry have left GEAPS’s 2013 Exchange behind

GEAPS is over for another year

GEAPS members gathered at Louisville's Expo Hall for the Annual Meeting and General Session

GEAPS members gathered for the Annual Meeting and General Session

International Milling Directory representatives are heading back across the Atlantic Ocean after the GEAPS Exchange 2013 ended on Tuesday. Exhibitors are catching planes and displays are being torn down.

Some GEAPS exhibitions were truly extraordinary

Some GEAPS exhibitions were truly extraordinary

The last day saw the usual mix of educational sessions and time for exhibition attendees to visit the stands and catch up with each other, and the late afternoon was given over to GEAPS’s Annual Meeting.

The 84th annual technical expo has been a success, with 2,372 visitors and a record-breaking number of exhibitors. We’re expecting our own delegates to be back any minute now, so watch this space for our own IMD co-ordinator Tom Blacker’s opinions of the show, its attractions and its attendees.

IMD enters GEAPS’s final day

The GEAPS expo in Louisville, Kentucky attracts grain technology people from all over the world

The GEAPS expo attracts grain technology people from all over the world

Representatives from the International Milling Directory have been literally rushed off their feet in the last few days, covering every square inch of the Expo Hall at Louisville, Kentucky. From what this blogger (like Miss Moneypenny, still in rainy old England) can tell, IMD Co-ordinator Tom Blacker has made it his mission to meet personally all 2,800 visitors to GEAPS, and make his sales pitch to each of its 600 booths.

At GEAPS today? Have a rep in your company who is? Ask them to get down to Booth L6 (it’s near the entrance) and talk to Tom or Roger Gilbert (our proprietor) about the IMD. There’ll be copies of this year’s directory to browse through on-stand. Enlist your company in the 22nd International Milling Directory for as little as $20!

At 2013's GEAPS Expo, the engineers of tomorrow are giving the engineers of today the usual courtesies

The engineers of tomorrow giving today’s engineers the usual courtesies

Milluno – IMD’s latest member from Turkey

The International Milling Directory's reach is truly global

The International Milling Directory’s reach is truly global

The International Milling Directory (IMD) is very happy to welcome to its pages Milluno Milling Technologies & Equipment. Milluno is a part of Turkey’s substantial grain industry, which is growing in global importance all the time. The company exports its machinery expertise to 20 countries on three continents, and is proud that all its milling equipment is of Turkish origin.

Milluno is based in Konya, in central Anatolia, a city best known as the medieval home of the Islamic Mevlevi Order, or as they are popularly called in the West, the Whirling Dervishes. The order was founded by the followers of Rumi, the thirteenth-century Persian poet, jurist and mystic who early in his life settled in Konya to lead a Sufi religious school.

Everyone on the IMD team hopes Milluno can use us to reach customers for their business all over the world.

Introducing TOTE Tank



The International Milling Directory is pleased to welcome TOTE Tank as a listed member for the first time. See their website homepage here:

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TOTE Tank hail from Fairhope, Alabama and we hope to fulfill their effort for registering. We are impressed by their website and as their International Milling Directory company synopsis states:

TOTE Tanks offers IBC’S (Intermediate Bulk Containers), Portable stainless steel TOTE tanks, Liquid Storage TOTE Tanks, IBC Chemical TOTE tanks, Food Products TOTE tanks, pharmaceutical TOTE tanks, paint products TOTE tanks, IBC liquid and many more. Why put up with the dangerous, expensive, and environmentally taboo drums and barrels? Why put up with tanks you cannot trust nor up for the job? Why trust your most important cargo to a company you can’t trust? Well, you don’t have to because you have the only name you need to know. The Original TOTE Tank

GEAPS Exchange Preview

GEAPS Exchange 2013

GEAPS Exchange 2013

This week, colleagues from Perendale Publishers will be taking the International Milling Directory to Louisville, Kentucky, USA for 3 full days of the GEAPS Exchange. We are an official media partner of this show and will be intending to repeat the success of this show we have enjoyed in previous years.

There will be over 600 booths for over 300 exhibitors and 2,800 visitors for the grain and feed milling industries. Tom Blacker, the International Milling Directory Co-Ordinator will be attending with Roger Gilbert, Proprietor of Perendale Publishers to show the latest editions and issues of the International Milling Directory and Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine.

We are very excited about participating at this event. Louisville International Convention Center will be the host venue for this important industry show. The dates of the expo are Sunday 24 – Tuesday 26 February 2013.

If you cannot attend, do keep a close watch on this blog for the next 2 weeks. Also you can of course update or register your company today at and appear in the 2013/14 print edition.

Alltech – Worldwide search to find the next extraordinary minds in science

The International Milling Directory‘s member Alltech will gather thousands of research papers from brilliant young thinkers around the world throughout 2013 to select the next winners of the Alltech Young Scientist Awards.

Registration has opened for undergraduate and graduate students interested in submitting experimental research or scientific review papers for the 2013-2014 competition. Regional winners will receive cash prizes, and eight finalists will be invited to compete for top honours during Alltech’s 30th International Symposium in 2014. The winning graduate and undergraduate students will receive a $10,000 scholarship and a $5,000 scholarship respectively.

Scientific papers submitted may cover topics including veterinary science, animal nutrition, feed technology, sustainability, agricultural management, marketing, environmental science and economics. Papers will be judged by a panel of industry professionals. Registration and paper submission is available online and will close Dec. 31, 2013.

“For Alltech, what could be more important that rewarding young people who are driven by science?” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “Every year, more and more students send us their research with hopes of standing out in a crowd of candidates representing countries from around the world. Alltech is proud to provide an avenue for future leaders in diverse fields of science to compete at the highest level.”

Regional winners for the 2012-2013 competition will be announced in March. The 2012-2013 regional finalists will travel to Lexington, Kentucky, USA to compete in the final during the 29th International Symposium, May 19-22, 2013.

“The students who are successful in this wide-reaching competition will address the world’s impending agricultural puzzles with solutions founded on science,” said Dr. Inge Russell, director of the Alltech Young Scientist Competition. “Our Young Scientists are in a class above the rest – their research sheds light on how science steers our world to a better future.”

Alltech received nearly 8,000 registrations for the international competition in 2012, with the goal of increasing registrants by 50 percent in 2013. For more information about the Alltech Young Scientist Awards, visit




About Alltech:

Founded in 1980 by Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech improves the health and performance of animals, plants and people through nutrition and scientific innovation. With more than 3,000 employees in 128 countries, the company has developed a strong regional presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia. For further information, visit

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