VIV China 2012: Part I

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of post that we will be running this week in response to the recent VIV event that took place in China earlier this month.

VIV China has once again profiled itself as an international platform for products, knowledge and technology for the Chinese animal protein production industry. Following many positive reactions to the event, project manager Ruwan Berculo concluded that the new concept has been a success and can act as a blueprint for the next exhibition.

VIV China 2012 can be summarized as a compact, quality event with high level visitors, a lot of international delegations, people from upcoming economies and a Chinese business audience that is focused on innovation. It marks a huge event in our yearly calendar here at Perendale Publishers and the positive energy surrounding it was infectious.

The enthusiasm and the interest have strengthened our belief that this is a platform that the animal protein industry in China really needs. With congresses, seminars and receptions before, during and after the event that were very well visited, we have presented a networking summit that matters.

Furthermore, the atmosphere was fantastic. The top and sub top of the industry have attended, making the score of 13.874 visitors a very strong result.

Throughout this week we will be talking in more details about elements of the event such as speeches, the exhibitors and who we met there.

The next VIV China is planned for 2014, from 23-25 September.

Gut Health and Animla Nutrition Conference – October 18, 2012

The American Soybean Association and Meriden (Guangzhou) Biotech Co. Ltd are joint organisers of an International Conference on Gut Health and Animal Nutrition.

Universities and research institutes from across the world will join nutritionists and the Technical Director of the American Soybean Association to speak on a range of subjects, including on phytobiotics and sustainable animal production, nutritional research and nutritional strategies for an AGP-free future. The International Scientific Conference will be held in Changsa City, China, on 18th October 2012.

For more information, please visit

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UK Grains Harvest 2012: What we already knew…

The global price of wheat has increased by an astounding 30% over the past 12 months – which according to the UK based National Farmers Union (NFU), has put massive pressure on farmers who buy grain to feed their livestock.

NFU President Peter Kendal was discussing the worst wheat growth in the UK since the 1980’s when he said, “The challenge for the pig and poultry market is trying to make sure that retailers pay a fair price, because in pigs 50% of the cost is grain, poultry it’s 60% – and these farmers at the moment, because the prices haven’t responded yet, they’re actually saying I’m not going to fill my sheds with poultry or pigs any more.”

The problems faced by farmers in the UK and the global increase in wheat prices are both adding to fears over rises in food prices reports the BBC News wesbsite. But The extreme weather has taken its toll on the amount of food produced and the quality of food and grain.

Martyn Jones, from the Morrisons supermarket chain, said that, for example, carrots were not quite as sweet as previous years, and the available volumes of some food was down – about 25% across most potatoes and root crops.

The worst hit areas in the UK this summer were in the South-West where a huge proportion of  UK crops are produced. Ian Johnson, south-west England spokesman for the NFU, said this year’s weather had led to a “mixed picture” for arable farmers.

He said while wheat crops had suffered, winter barley yields were up 1.6%; spring barley yields were down 7.4% and oilseed rape yields were up 5.9%.

But still for some such as Paul Harris, an arable farmer in Dorset, the difficulties look set to continue. He said, “I’ve been farming now for 40 years and it’s the worst harvest I have ever known.”

More about NFU

Anitox feed safety and milling efficiency confernece

Distributors, agents and guests from around the world gathered in the Czech Republic at the end of September to attend a feed safety and milling efficiency conference organised by Anitox. A pioneer in its field, the company develops, manufactures and markets pathogen elimination, mould control and milling efficiency programmes for the feed milling and primary meat and egg production industries.

Amongst those who attended the three-day event at The Park Inn in Prague, were delegates from Asia Pacific, Poland, Turkey, Benelux, United Kingdom, Egypt, Germany and Iran. Other countries represented were Baltic States, Belarus, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Iraq, Iceland, Ireland, Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The conference included a range of presentations to highlight issues which are currently impacting on livestock feed and food safety across international markets, affecting all involved in the supply chain. They included food and feed safety legislation in the European Union and non-EU markets, technical developments and how the Anitox range of products and services assist customers to meet current and potential challenges.

Summarising the conference Roger Mann, Regional Director for Anitox in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, stated:

“Feed and food safety remains a major issue for all involved in meat production, processing and retailing throughout the world. Despite major efforts to control pathogens in feed, on-farm and during processing they remain a significant and ongoing challenge, while very high commodity prices are increasing the burden on all sectors of the industry, increasing the focus on efficient production at all stages.

“The range of solutions offered by Anitox is of increasing benefit to all sectors and we have seen a substantial increase in demand for our products, driven by more stringent food safety legislation, higher standards from retailers as well as greater consumer pressure for safer food.

“Anitox has 35 years experience in antimicrobial and mould-control technology in livestock feeds and raw materials. We are now at the forefront of the industry in terms of supplying products which provide safe feed to protect the health of livestock and consumers. We continue to invest heavily in Research & Development and have a pipeline of cutting-edge products coming through our programme. These will take Anitox into new areas and help livestock producers, feed manufacturers and food producers to meet future demands and challenges.”

The Anitox product line currently includes Termin-8® and Monoprene® bacterial control agents, the Maxi-Mil® milling efficiency program, MonoProp® and Punch® mould control agents, together with Blue Royale® water treatment and Sorb-It® aflatoxin binder. The business has an international network which supplies customers with top-quality products and the best technical, engineering, laboratory and customer support services.

Anitox now supplies many of the world’s Top 25 feed manufacturers. More than 32 million tonnes of feed/feed materials, representing 5% of worldwide animal feed production, are treated annually with Termin-8® to ensure they are pathogen-free, while many feed manufacturers use Maxi-Mil® to improve milling efficiency.

Perendale Appoints Tuti Tan as Company Coordinator

Hello again to our valued subscribers. I always like to end the week on a high note and this week that comes straight from the core of IMD HQ. I am pleased to announce that this morning,  Tuti Tan has been appointed as Company Coordinator here at Perendale Publishers Limited.

Tuti has been with the company for over five years serving as Circulation and Subscriptions Manager, and has now made the move that will see her take a broader control of affairs relating to our globally valued publications including International Aquafeed Magazine, Grain & Feed Milling Technology Magazine and of course The International Milling Directory.

With Tuti now in place as Company Coordinator Perendale have already taken a giant leap in reaching new and exciting markets in the continued pursuit of connecting the international community for the milling and aquaculture industries. This of course whilst maintaining the high standards of service, distribution and quality information that we currently provide to our valued subscribers and advertisers.

I wish to congratulate Tuti for her new title at Perendale Publishers Limted and wish her every success in this important role. I look forward to our partnership in enhancing IMD’s international profile in the coming year for which work has already begun to take place.

Alex Rogers

IMD Coordinator

Brabender Spearheads New Direction in Rheology

With the new Aqua-Inject, Brabender® has made a big step in the direction of measurable reliability in the field of rheology. The technological component is the ideal add-on module to augment tried-and-tested Farinograph®-E-Technology.

With this exciting new product the technological giants can offer a self-sufficient device for the automatic dosage of water with integrated temperature monitoring. Exact and reproducible water dosages are for exact measurements of the water absorption levels of milled products and evaluating the kneading properties of doughs.

The software doses fluids electronically and accurately “down to the drop” according to specifications and input. In this manner, any possible operating errors when measuring and introducing amounts of water via pipettes or burettes are eliminated – previously, this could cause undesirable errors in accuracy.

According to Brabender, “The automatic determination of amounts of water according to preselected analysis standard guarantees the highest amount of accuracy with a dosing deviation of under 0.1 percent.”

Technology-Duo via USB
The technology built into the Aqua-Inject allows for a parallel temperature monitoring of the dosing water, eliminating yet another source of error another crucial factor for the kneading process. Brabender recommends that the water dosed remains at a virtually constant temperature, “Independent of the ambient temperature”. This can be set by the Farinograph® thermostats. In addition, a USB cable connection guarantees smooth communications between the Farinograph®-E (USB) and the Aqua-Inject port – a “tuning package” with extra functionality for practical and current laboratory applications of farinogram analysis according to the established Brabender® technique.

For more information on this exciting new development readers should visit

Victam News Magazine Gets a Facelift

The Autumn/Fall edition of “Showtime”, the re-branded Victam News magazine will now be published mid-October. This is because of an important announcement regarding the next Asian event which will be held once again at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand. The dates of the shows will be 8 – 10 April, 2014.

While we wait with baited breath for the ‘important announcement’ prospective advertisers and visitors are being given the opportunity to advertise with the newly named event magazine.

Don’t forget that you can still advertise with the Grain and Feed Milling Technology 2013 wallplanner, which will be distributed to 20,000 subscribers worldwide. For details on this or for any of our products please get in touch.

Alex Rogers

IMD Coordinator

Lallemand’s New Mega-feed

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has unveiled its new antioxidant, MELOFEED.  The complementary feed, rich with vegetal Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and catalase, is based on lyophilized melon juice. This forms a natural antioxidant active substance. It is recommended for all animal species to reduce the impact of oxidative stress on animal health and performance.

The Canadian company specializes in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for animal nutrition, baking, wine-making and pharmaceutical industries with MELOFEED being the latest addition to its extensive product development.

Matthieu Baulez, Product Manager for Monogastric Applications explains, “Animal farming practices are generating numerous stresses for the animal: gestation, farrowing, hatching, weaning, feed transitions… which are sources of oxidative stress with detrimental effects on animal health and performance.”

He continued, “Supplementation with certain antioxidants substances (vitamin E, selenium…) has become a common practice, but the science of antioxidants tells us that we can do better: protection against Reactive Oxygen Species depends on several complementary pathways like, for example, the Vitamin E, SOD and glutathione peroxidase (seleno-dependant enzyme) pathways. Hence, supplementing animal diets with a cocktail of complementary antioxidants rather than saturating one single pathway with one molecule even at high dosage, at a given critical time, can offer better protection”

Lallemand is a major supplier of probiotics and silage inoculants around the globewhich means that while MELOFEED is considered a complementary feed in the EU, different regulations can apply in other territories.

More news from Lallemand Animal Nutrition can be seen on or you can visit their online IMD profile.