Perendale’s credit at VIV Asia 2013

VIV Asia 2013

VIV Asia 2013

VIV Asia 2013 has been a successful event so far for Perendale Publishers, the International Milling Directory‘s publishing house.

The producers, organisers and staff at VIV Asia have thanked Roger many times for an excellent job chairing CropTech-FeedTech conference yesterday in Bangkok. They want Roger to chair the CropTech-FedTech Russia, India, Latin America and China, said Tuti Tan of Perendale Publishers Ltd.
Tuti continues, “Perendale was mentioned in the opening ceremony too. Gerard from VIV has praised Roger many times. Roger certainly was very happy after the conference. [Plus, participating companies such as] FOSS, Muyang, Wenger and Agentis’ speaker thanked Roger for a good conference”.

Information, updating and registering the International Milling Directory.


Introducing: Açiklar Un Sanayi

Açiklar Un Sanayi

Açiklar Un Sanayi

The International Milling Directory welcomes Açiklar Un Sanayi to its ranks. The Turkish flour milling company registered recently online. Their website is very attractive and hosts good information in Turkish about their products, reputation and latest news. Go to their website here: We know that they are 20 years old in the flour milling business already and their saying “kalitenin oncu ismi” roughly translates into English as ‘the leading name in quality’. We hope their listing is fruitful and beneficial and we look forward to seeing their name in the 22nd edition which will be published soon.

Their entry on the International Milling Directory Online has just been approved – check it out HERE!

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Introducing:- Kay International Ltd.

Kay International Ltd.

Kay International Ltd.


Kay International Ltd. have registered for the International Milling Directory. The 23rd edition is set to be a memorable edition with new companies such as Kay International Ltd joining up. I’m sure we’ll all be interested to find out more from this company. The International Milling Directory synopsis online states their raison d’etre to be manufacturing and exporting positive displacement rotary lobe blowers from India.


Their website is interesting and features a good quotation for all of us in the milling industry to remember, such as,

‘In an industry full of competition, the ultimate winner will be the one who maintains the quality and not the price.’

– Kapil Arora, Director, Kay International.

Their entry on the International Milling Directory Online has just been approved – check it out HERE!

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VIV Asia 2013 Preview & CropTech FeedTech Event

VIV Asia 2013 Invitation

VIV Asia 2013 Invitation

The International Milling Directory is on the move again. VIV Asia 2013 is taking place at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand. You can still register for free online and we know that this has the attention of many of the Asian members of the International Milling Directory. Have you got your invitation? Above is a used invitation with a personal registration code our colleagues Tuti and Roger left behind before travelling out to this exciting and important show!

Going to this event with the prospect of,

The World’s most promising meeting point to boost your business from Feed to Meat

surely would entice any company looking to grow with the economies of the local continent.

Another reason to visit would be the CropTech-FeedTech conference. It’s even a ‘Special Theme’ on the invitation itself. Hosted by Roger Gilbert of Perendale Publishers, we are sure this event with a great panel will be interesting for participants and audience members. We especially hope the International Milling Directory members exhibiting and attending find this event to be valuable.

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Alapala and Daewon announce partnership




                                    Daewon GSI

International Milling Directory members Alapala and Daewon GSI announce a new partnership. 

The International Milling Directory knows the Turkish organisation Alapala as an advertiser on the back page of our current and previous editions and Daewon GSI for their rice milling to colour machinery from the Republic of Korea.

Our sister blog, The Global Miller, covered this story and we wanted to relay the message for all International Milling Directory members and users immediately.

Alapala has announced a strategic partnership with Daewon GSI to provide its customer colour sorter, rice mill, pre-cleaner, de-stoner and debraning machines for the global market.
This strategic partnership is an excellent opportunity for Alapala and Daewon GSI to combine their expertise, resources and vast experience in the field of coaching to better meet the growing needs of sector customers.

This strategic partnership expansion will be highlighted by engineering teams collaborating on deeper integrations across the Alapala and Daewon GSI‘s infrastructure and management stacks, data centre, networking and computing platforms.

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International Milling Directory at GEAPS Exchange 2013

The International Milling Directory has now joined Pinterest to show our exposure at industry events. Our recent trip to GEAPS Exchange in Louisville, Kentucky was very successful and we were glad to meet old and new members there. Six boxes of the IMD were shipped there in advance. The event was successfully staged and we are hoping to attend next year’s in Omaha, Nebraska, USA event for the 3rd year running.

GEAPS Exchange

GEAPS Exchange

There are good photos now on our Facebook and Pinterest sites. The album is on the Facebook page now and while you are surfing the Internet, follow us on Pinterest here:

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Russia registers Addcon’s products



International Milling Directory‘s member, Addcon, have just released New products are available now in Russia following the news that KOFA GRAIN pH5, Addcon´s feed and grain preservative as well as KOFASIL liquid, Addcon´s no 1 silage additive have been registered successfully in Russia lately. The products will be available in Russia for the coming grass silage season and grain harvesting season respectively to be used and tested by the industry.

Kurt Wegleitner from Addcon said,

“Rising feed costs have had a severe impact on animal production in Russia as anywhere else. It is a key requirement to keep losses low and to preserve the quality of the raw material. Both KOFA GRAIN and KOFASIL will help to those minimize losses AND it will preserve the quality of the raw material thus we can ensure healthy and safe feed ingredients. As we are committed to the markets in Eastern Europe, Addcon will appoint more business partners in the region. In addition, a new technical application manager will start soon with Addcon to support both our distributors and customers in the region”

The International Milling Directory wishes Addcon good success in the Russian market.

Addcon have been a member of the International Milling Directory for many years.

Join now or update your listing now through our website –!

[Source: Engormix].

IMD welcomes back its GEAPSers

Braving the snowy weather on the east coast, the International Milling Directory team has returned from its travels having made a big impression Stateside.

IMD co-ordinator Tom Blacker is not willing to go as far as to compare the trip’s success to The Beatles’s first American tour, but with hundreds of directories distributed and solid feedback from GEAPS exhibitors, he’s confident that next year’s edition will be the best one yet.

Tom was knocked for six by the number of IMD customers repeating their orders for listings and increasing their advertising prominence in the print and online editions. Have you got in touch with us about IMD 2013/4 yet? Visit our website now to update your listing, or register your company today!

IMD and the rest of the global milling industry have left GEAPS's 2013 Exchange behind

IMD and the rest of the global milling industry have left GEAPS’s 2013 Exchange behind

GEAPS is over for another year

GEAPS members gathered at Louisville's Expo Hall for the Annual Meeting and General Session

GEAPS members gathered for the Annual Meeting and General Session

International Milling Directory representatives are heading back across the Atlantic Ocean after the GEAPS Exchange 2013 ended on Tuesday. Exhibitors are catching planes and displays are being torn down.

Some GEAPS exhibitions were truly extraordinary

Some GEAPS exhibitions were truly extraordinary

The last day saw the usual mix of educational sessions and time for exhibition attendees to visit the stands and catch up with each other, and the late afternoon was given over to GEAPS’s Annual Meeting.

The 84th annual technical expo has been a success, with 2,372 visitors and a record-breaking number of exhibitors. We’re expecting our own delegates to be back any minute now, so watch this space for our own IMD co-ordinator Tom Blacker’s opinions of the show, its attractions and its attendees.

IMD enters GEAPS’s final day

The GEAPS expo in Louisville, Kentucky attracts grain technology people from all over the world

The GEAPS expo attracts grain technology people from all over the world

Representatives from the International Milling Directory have been literally rushed off their feet in the last few days, covering every square inch of the Expo Hall at Louisville, Kentucky. From what this blogger (like Miss Moneypenny, still in rainy old England) can tell, IMD Co-ordinator Tom Blacker has made it his mission to meet personally all 2,800 visitors to GEAPS, and make his sales pitch to each of its 600 booths.

At GEAPS today? Have a rep in your company who is? Ask them to get down to Booth L6 (it’s near the entrance) and talk to Tom or Roger Gilbert (our proprietor) about the IMD. There’ll be copies of this year’s directory to browse through on-stand. Enlist your company in the 22nd International Milling Directory for as little as $20!

At 2013's GEAPS Expo, the engineers of tomorrow are giving the engineers of today the usual courtesies

The engineers of tomorrow giving today’s engineers the usual courtesies