Chinese hardware firm planning to go on show at Germany showcase soon …

There’s an important up and coming event of note for businesses such as our latest IMD member the Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co Ltd, a professional Chinese manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production of various kinds of expansion bolt and high strength fasteners. 

The event of certain interest to the Yuyao Xintai is the leading global trade fair for hardware industries – the International Hardware Fair on next month in Cologne Germany on March 1st – 4th. The Xintai Company will be ‘on Show’ there in Hall 5.2 on stand 109.

innovations  The International Hardware Fair Cologne is a comprehensive event that focusses on innovations and initiations in the hardware industry. It  reveals products like manual hand-held tools, power tools (hand-held, stationary) accessories and machine tools with the prime motive of digital transformation in the hardware industry.

This event promises a comprehensive overview of the hardware industry according to international standards. Numerous businesses like Xintai that want to bring themselves up-to-date on the latest state of affairs in the whole hardware ‘biz’ should definitely have this flagship event on next month’s agenda. 

key events  Decision-makers from all over the world make use of this number one event of the hardware industry to discover the new products, innovations and trends of the industry. More than 2,800 exhibitors from around 55 countries are expected. Key events will include presentation of  a special exhibition focusing on additive production and spare part production, a series of lectures on the topics of eCommerce and digitisation and a  presentation area for DIY supplier – the DIY Boulevard. 

Factory in a box  On the subject of digitisation, a unique and very ‘now’  special event will be the Nokia’s Factory in a Box. This is a modular production line that is built into an ocean freight container and can be put into operation anywhere in the world within a few hours.

With the goal of enabling smart, flexible production, ensuring operational continuity, absorbing production peaks and shortening delivery times, Factory in a Box combines current industry 4.0 use cases such as generative manufacturing, robotics, IoT sensor technology, augmented reality and video analysis. Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud Platform provides the necessary private 4G/5G campus network in a container, ensuring reliable communication, high data rates and secure data storage on the local edge.

Yuyao Xintai Hardware (more) This business is located near to Hang Zhou Bay in China.  Its works contains 100 manufacturing machines in its machine shop, which houses cold heading, thread rolling, punching, turning, automatic assembly and CNC machines. The company’s production capacity is 1000 tons per month.

Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co Ltd has more than 100 employees, which includes a 20-strong sales force.  The business operates an independent testing laboratory, equipped with numerous machinery, including the universal material tensile testing machine, a Vickers hardness tester, salt spray and pull out testing machines and film thickness measuring instrumentation as well as a metallo graphic microscope.The company operates internationally and sells its catalogue of over 1200 different products to North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and more.

‘Concrete’ reasons why a Zhejiang Chuangmei motor get thing’s effectively done…

Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical Co Ltd is located in Wenling City on the central coast of Zhejiang in China. The company is a provincial, high-tech enterprise, producing various types of permanent magnet synchronous motors and has joined IMD online recently. 

product ‘spec’ The business has a strong R&D team that can, as needed, develop and specify products based on specific drawings or samples provided by customers.  Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical operates its own testing laboratory fitted with the most advanced testing equipment in the industry.  This enables an impressive, constant product range and quality and ensures that all its pump motor products achieve maximum efficiency completely in step with industry standards.

key products  The Zhejiang Chuangmei business’ key products are two types of variable frequency drive permanent magnet synchronous motor which have been awarded the Chinese energy-saving product certification and also the 2014 International pump and valve industry technology innovation Rongge Industrial Media prize. Also, the Company has obtained 13 utility model patents in the application of permanent magnet synchronous motors and are now very much a significant leading player in the pump manufacturing industry.

High-Frequency One of the company’s impressive products in its extensive range is a High-Frequency vibrator motor.

Among original uses for these vibratory motors are as a ‘concrete vibrator’ to achieve best compaction of that material when used in key construction scenarios. Members of the Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical team point out that there are hand compaction techniques of concrete available, but they are comparatively less effective and are really only suitable for more unimportant works. 

workability  For hand compaction, slightly more water usually has to be added. As a result of adding more water, the strength of the concrete decreases. But compaction by vibration, means a concrete of sufficient workability and low water cement ratio can be achieved – a concrete that remains both more manageable and stronger and most effective, however stiff ‘the mix’ may be.

good compaction Using a vibration motor allows good concrete compaction all the time, even using the stiffest concrete mix. If a concrete vibrator is used properly, this will help consolidate the material by reducing the amount of air pockets inside the concrete mass. Either internal vibrators or external vibrations can be used depending on the application and where the concrete is being placed. In the civil engineering field, use of a quality effective concrete vibrator will avoid any build up of any damaging air voids in the concrete, which helps ensure the vital final quality and strength of the concrete in use.

More on Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical Co Ltd

Dedicated to energy conservation and environmental protection, the business has a thriving  sales operation, developing a strong international marketing network to various countries and regions across the world including Europe, America, Japan..and more.

The Company has a well-planned and equipped foundry and also a processing plant with it’s own testing laboratory, which is one of the most advanced in the industry. There is a dedicated commitment by the business to advanced product design and quality development ensuring that total industry efficiency standards are always achieved. There is an annual output by the business exceeding 100,000 units, organised with  flexibility to respond to the requirements and timelines of customer demand.

Homing in on the key products to the fore of the Baodi trading success story

Latest IMD online member Ningbo Baodi Plastic Valve Co.Ltd. was founded in 1994. It was formerly the  Zhenhai Chemical and Beilun Plastic Valve businesses and today it is the first independently developed industrial plastic valve company in mainland China. 

increased product range  The first plastic diaphragm valve and the first integrated plastic ball valve in the mainland were developed at these works and in 2006 industrial plastic pipes and fittings increased the product range. For more than 20 years since establishment, Baodi products in their tens of thousands have been use in all kinds of environments.

quality products  The company is now located in Beilun in  Ningbo City, Zhejiang. Its highly modern, fully-equipped workshop has an area of some 20,000 square metres. The business’ well-known, highly reputable and respected quality products, both valves and PVC pipes are now exported to customers in more than 30 countries worldwide. Products are widely used in chemicals, petroleum, Chlor-Alkali, smelting, pharmacy, dyeing, electronics, foodstuff, electroplating, environmental production, purified water.. and more. The company holds valuable the TS and ISO9001 certifications.

invention patents  The business holds more than 20 valve patents, including several prestigious ‘invention’ patents. The core of Baodi culture is total customer satisfaction and it is continuing to develop and innovate in order to maintain its position as one of the top plastic valve and pipe manufacturing service suppliers worldwide. Below the Baodi experts discuss in summary the rudiments of their key PVC pipe and diaphragm products:-

cost effective  PVC pipe products are now the go-to choice for various requirements such as plumbing, sewage, and agriculture. Unlike conventional pipes, PVC pipes cost low and last for a longer period of time. In other words, PVC pipes are a cost-effective alternative to conventional pipes. Getting your hands on the right types of PVC pipes that perfectly suit your requirements is now easy as there are several PVC pipes companies that manufacture as well as supply high-quality PVC pipes.

significantly popular  PVC pipes are now one of the go-to material choice for different types of projects such as sewage, agricultural watering systems, and plumbing. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes have become significantly popular over the years. So much so, they have now become ubiquitous. PVC pipes are undoubtedly a better alternative to conventional metal pipes as they outrival the latter in a number of areas, including service life, durability, and maintenance. PVC pipes are an cost-friendly alternative to conventional metal pipes as they have a cheap rate and superior durability and longevity.

shut off service  Diaphragm valves are used for throttling service and shut-off service for liquids, vacuum/gas, and slurries. These valves are available in a wide variety of solid plastics, metals, rubber, plastic, and glass linings; they are suitable for the handling of multiple chemical processing applications both slurries as well as clear fluids. The diaphragm valves have an extended utilisation for applications at a low pressure and slurry fluid where most of the other valves become obstructed or corrode. Initially, the diaphragm valves were developed for industrial applications and pipe-organs. 

compliant materials  Gradually the design was adapted in the bio-pharmaceutical industry for sterilising and sanitising methods by using compliant materials and now it is being used in almost every industry for safe production and adequate infrastructure, such as power generation, food & beverage, semiconductors, pulp & paper, chemical processing, and water/ wastewater treatment among other verticals.

Key requirements to look out for when purchasing plastic mould products ….

Taizhou Booling Mould Co. Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturing company that produces and markets varied injection moulds, blow moulds and plastic machinery. It has done so for more than 20 years. It is a recent new signed up member of IMD online.

energetic The Booling Mould business has a thriving long-term co-operative relationship with numerous leading manufacturing companies in China and now also operates an energetic International,  price-competitive, export operation to market its products to East Europe, Middle Asia, South America, The Middle East and Africa.

price comparison Taizhou Booling offers all customers an attentive after sales service on all products, which includes free price comparison, 24-hour email response and lifelong free product repair for moulds with any technical production ‘performance’ flaws. Scheduled online at and also presented here below, is some excellent valuable guidance and advice on the key requirements to look out for when purchasing Taizhou Booling plastic moulds.

Consideration 1 – High corrosion resistance Many resins and additives have a corrosive effect on the cavity surface. This corrosion causes the metal on the cavity surface to dissolve and fall off, the surface condition is deteriorated, and the quality of the plastic parts is deteriorated. Therefore, it is best to use corrosion-resistant steel or chrome-plated and samarium-nickel treatment on the cavity surface.

Consideration 2 – Good abrasion resistance The gloss and accuracy of the surface of plastic and plastic parts are directly related to the abrasion resistance of the surface of the cavity of the plastic mold, especially when some plastics are added with glass fiber, inorganic fillers and certain pigments. It moves rapidly in the flow channel and mold cavity together with the plastic melt, and the friction on the surface of the cavity is very large. If the material is not abrasion-resistant, it will wear quickly, which will endanger the quality of the plastic part.

Consideration 3 – Excellent dimensional stability During plastic molding, the temperature of the cavity of the plastic mold must reach above 300 ° C. For this reason, it is best to use a tool steel (heat-treated steel) that has been appropriately tempered. Otherwise, the microstructure of the material will be changed, which will cause changes in the dimensions of the plastic mould.

Consideration 4 – Easy to process mould parts are mostly made of metal materials, and some structural shapes are still very complicated. In order to shorten the production cycle and improve power, mold materials are required to be easily processed into the shape and accuracy required by drawings.

Consideration 5 – Good polishing performance Plastic and plastic parts generally require excellent gloss and surface conditions, so the roughness of the cavity surface is very small. In this way, it is necessary to perform surface processing on the cavity surface, such as polishing and grinding. Therefore, the selected steel should not contain rough impurities and pores.

Consideration 6 – Little influence by heat treatment In order to improve the hardness and wear resistance, plastic molds are generally heat treated, but this treatment should make the size change small. Therefore, it is best to use pre-hardened steel that can be machined.

Expert guidance on pneumatic connectors from the ‘experts’ who expertly produce them!

The Haishu Junjie Pneumatic tool company  – a further IMD sign up from Ningbo City, China – was first inaugurated in 1994 as a dedicated pneumatic tools designer, manufacturer and supplier.

impressive  Haishu Junjie today pays the highest attention to its technology development and innovation, and the business has an impressive team of experienced technicians and management personnel. The company has been awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification.

aesthetic  Haishu Junjie provides a highly impressive, comprehensive range of pneumatic tools and accessories. All products are of a simple structure and aesthetic appearance, as well as having a long service life. Haishu Junjie products are regularly used in industries such as petroleum, power generation, and air compressor system industries. 

considered review  Due to their consistent quality, Haishu Junjie products are well-respected and received by customers in over 20 countries and areas of the world, including Japan, South Korea, and numerous European and American countries. Below, is an expert customer-friendly ‘blogged’ review ‘consideration’ from the Haishu Junjie ‘experts’ as to key issues of selection for a manufacturer reference the pneumatic quick connector – one of the company’s key products.

innovation There are many types of pneumatic quick connector products, and each is widely used in many industries. Today, with the continuous innovation of science and technology, how does the manufacturer of pneumatic quick connector select the various type of products? Nowadays, with the continuous innovation of science and technology, the updated products are constantly improving and more and more satisfying for people’s needs. The following is an introduction to product related knowledge.

Open close type at both ends: When not connected – when the ferrule of the parent body moves to the other end, the stainless steel bead automatically rolls outward, the sub body is disconnected due to the operation of the valve spring force of the parent body and the sub body, and the valves of the sub body and the parent body are closed respectively, blocking the flow of fluid instantly.

When connecting – when the sub body is inserted into the parent body, the ferrule returns to the original position under the action of the spring, the steel ball rolling locks the sub body tightly, at the same time, the valves of the parent body and the sub body push each other to open, the fluid flows, and the O-ring can completely block the fluid leakage.

Open end No connection – when the ferrule of the parent is pushed to the other end, the ball automatically rolls outward, so the daughter is moved out; because there is no valve between the daughter and the parent, the fluid flows out. Link – when the sub body is inserted into the parent body, the ferrule is pushed to the previous position by the force of its spring, which causes the ball to lock, and the fluid flows. The O-ring in the ferrule prevents fluid leakage

Single way open close type When not connected – when the ferrule of the parent body moves to the other end, the stainless steel bead automatically rolls outward, the sub body is opened by the reaction force of the valve spring, and the valve can automatically close to block the flow of fluid. When connecting – when the sub body is inserted into the side of the parent body with a ferrule, the valve is opened to cause fluid flow, the gasket is pushed back to its original position by the force of the spring, and the stainless steel bead is locked to ensure the sub / parent connection, and the gasket inside can completely block fluid leakage.

Potential Government subsidy opportunity for thriving LED light leader Toppo?

There’s been potential good news in the more recent past for one of our recent IMD sign-ups today from China. Toppo Lighting Co Ltd is a specialist, fast developing manufacturer, producing and marketing LED Lighting world-wide.  

subsidies  The business’ extensive range of products includes all kinds of LED lights:- Smart Lights, Panel Lights, Batten Lights, Tube Lights, Tri-proof Lights, Linear Lights and more  renowned LED products.  The Toppo web site has been highlighting moves by the Chinese Government to offer extra subsidies of up to $285M for Display Technologies including Micro/Mini LED and OLED

technologies  The Guangzhou government published a notice pointing out that with the goal to upgrade the display technology of the province, the government will support companies investing in novel display technologies including OLED, AMOLED, Mini/Micro LED, QLED, printing display, laser display, 3D display, holographic display, e-paper flexible display, grapheme display and others. The government will provide a one-time subsidy to companies that begin trial production for related display technologies. These companies have to meet specific requirements of registered capital and equipment investment.

price competition According to the current regulation, a company can be awarded up to RMB 2 billion (US$285.64 million) with the investment in new display technologies. As the LCD display market becomes weak with severe price competition and low profit, the Chinese government now turns to new display technologies.

thriving  Toppo Lighting is committed to developing and growing its team to make the best LED lighting for use in modern life today. The highly experienced Toppo business now operates a thriving growing works backed by an impressive safety testing  engineering laboratory, covering key tests such  as Photometric; EMI; EMF; Surge; ESD; IES and numerous other required important testing development processes.

Calling all feed machinery manufacturers

February 16, 2020: A soaring world population and growing demand for animal-derived food has spurred an enormous development in feed machinery manufacturing worldwide. But with policies and technologies differing widely across countries, there is a substantial imbalance in the field. To help harmonise market practices, a new ISO technical committee (ISO/TC 293) has been created to supply the industry with standards for feed machinery used to produce formulated feed in feedmills. The feed industry is working with ISO Technical Committee to develop a standard for feed machinery. There are two components to ISO/TC 293 comprising one standard for ‘terminology’ and one for ‘safety’.

A standard for single feed machine, processing systems and complete production lines will cover safety, hygienic requirements, environmental protection and a number of specific technical requirements of feed machinery used in feedmills (but excludes non-commercial, domestically-used, agricultural machinery).

The ISO 293 standard will contribute to six of the United Nation’s ‘Sustainability Development Goals’ including: No Poverty (1); Zero Hunger (2); Decent Work and Economic Growth (8); Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9); Responsible Consumption and Production (12) and Life on Land (15). The next meeting of the working group is April 20-22, 2020 in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Become involved, contact:

  1. Your national ISO representative to register your interest
  2. Register with the secretariat at:
  3. A feed industry representative:
    Ms Jean Walsh, Standards Administrator at the
    American Society of Agricutlureal and Biological Engineers at:

Experts Zhuji Edd ‘casting’ an eye over the variety of casting types so important these days …..

We are pleased to welcome this week to IMD yet another specialist machinery business from China –  Zhuji Edd Machinery. They are an international enterprise manufacturing numerous types and styles of castings  including continuous, sand, centrifugal and die castings finished  in the likes of copper, steel and aluminium.  

experienced and expert

Having its own copper casting foundry and CNC machining factory, the business is able us to supply both precision castings and finished products. The company operates advanced quality testing equipment for constant full chemical analysis. 

The business has an experienced, expert management team ensuring an attentive, successful and secure after-sales service. Owing to the high quality and fair pricing of its products and services Zhuji Edd have a clientele from across the world including  The United States, Germany, South Korea and numerous  Middle East countries.


Zhuji Edd clients include many OEM customers across many industries –   air-conditioning , coal and gas, ceramics, chain production, transmission parts production, textiles and construction and the variety of casting type is a fundamental today for Zhuji Edd and the development of technology, they say, has made more and more casting processes available nowadays such as pressure casting, precision casting, vacuum casting, etc., and the selection of the process is not only to measure the characteristics of the process itself, the most critical match between the two, that is, the process 

pressure casting 

Can it be consistent with the material properties and manufacturing conditions. So what kind of casting production is mainly applied to pressure casting? It has been found through practice that the following materials can be used for pressure casting, including tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper alloys, and the like. Due to the limitation of the capacity of the die casting machine, not only the type of material but also the weight of the material is required. Since the production speed of pressure casting is very fast, it has been widely welcomed. Even so, it is not possible to use pressure casting blindly. Before the operation, it is necessary to do the relevant inspection work to ensure that the casting after moulding can reach the best condition.

Different Casting methods for different castings

Casting methods, casting methods of different castings are also different, commonly used is sand casting, followed by special casting methods, such as: metal casting, investment casting, gypsum casting, etc. Sand casting can be divided into clay sand type, organic binder sand type, resin self-hardening sand type, lost mould and the like. There are, say Zhuji Edd, key principles of casting method selection…

Sand casting is preferred, mainly because sand casting has lower cost, simple production process and shorter production cycle than other casting methods. When the wet type does not meet the requirements, consider using a clay sand table dry sand type, dry sand type or other sand type. 

Clay wet sand castings can weigh from a few kilograms up to tens of kilograms, while clay dry castings can weigh up to tens of tons.The casting method should be compatible with the production batch. Casting methods such as low-pressure casting, die-casting, and centrifugal casting are only suitable for mass production because of the high cost of equipment and moulds.

factory conditions 

Modelling methods should be suitable for factory conditions. For example, it is also the production of castings such as large machine bed, generally adopting the core forming method, not making the pattern and the sand box, and assembling the core in the pit; while the other factory adopts the sand box modelling method to make the appearance. Different production conditions (including equipment, site, staff quality, etc.), production habits, and accumulated experience vary. It is appropriate to consider what products are suitable and what products are not suitable (or not and attention must be paid to the precision requirements and costs of castings

Lubricating those ‘wheels of success’ for servo motor and axial fan company Beierde..

The Taizhou Beierde company was founded in 2008, and specialises in the design and manufacture of various AC servo motors and axial flow fan rotors.  All products offer customers a wide-range of varied usage applications and are extensively in demand throughout multiple industries, including industrial and household. The company’s annual production capacity of its axial fan products is over 500 thousand units items.

effective operation

For sure they are experts in their field, operating as they do a strong R&D team backed by its own testing lab and and a detailed programme of testing procedures to ensure a constant performance quality of all products.

Key – say the experts at Beierde – to effective operation of industrial large fan equipment such as they produce are the various types of lubricating oils widely used for all connecting parts –  special lubricating oil for fan blades, and another lubricating oil for reducer gears… and so on.

core operation

Gear oil is the most important because it directly affects the core operation of large industrial fans. 

Over the years say the Beierde experts, due to improper selection of lubricating oil products, fan tooth surface failures often occur, so the amount of gear scrapped is quite large. Improper lubrication will increase the consumption of accessories, increase the operating cost, and cause losses to the party applying the fan. Reasonable selection of lubricants has important economic significance.

slippage and rolling 

In the gear transmission of industrial large fan motors, the meshing time of the two corresponding joint surfaces of the gears is very short, and slippage and rolling occur between the meshes. The effect of automatically forming a liquid oil film is very weak, and due to processing and assembly errors, the actual contact The area is very small, so the pressure per unit area is very large, resulting in high tooth surface angle stress. This stress is the source of tooth surface failure (abrasion of the tooth surface, pitting, corrugation, flaking). 


Whether the lubricant can separate the two contact tooth surfaces and play the role of an elastic medium, it is very important to protect the tooth surfaces.Tooth surface failure (also known as tooth distortion) reduces the smoothness of transmission, increases vibration and noise, accelerates tooth surface wear, and destroys the cycle in advance. As a result, users of industrial fans have to repair and replace motors in advance.

load capacity

In order to adapt to different contact stresses and protect the tooth surface of the gear from damage, in addition to improving the accuracy of the processing and assembly of the tooth surface, the lubricant must have sufficient load capacity, that is, wear resistance and extreme pressure resistance. Load capacity is the most important basic performance of gear lubricants. 


So, what is needed to make gear lubricants have this performance? This depends on additives to achieve this requirement. At present, additives that can increase the load capacity of lubricating oil are mainly sulfide, phosphide, chloride, boride, lead soap, and the like. Among them, sulfide and phosphide are currently the most common additives. When the above additives and auxiliary additives are added to the lubricating oil, it can play the following roles in gear lubrication: – Prevent or reduce the wear of gears and related moving parts;  Reduce friction and power loss; Reduce noise, vibration and impact between gears; Prevent corrosion and rust.

Best foot forward for Yueli as production goes soaring!

Our latest  published IMD sign-up member from China has certainly been ‘socking it’ to rivals over the years We are talking here about the highly impressive, very, very energetic and successful Haining Yueli Socks Co.Ltd,  who now have something of an alarming production output of 900 million pairs of socks – now is that a lot… or what? 

market demand 

The company is located between the city of Hangzhou and Shanghai. Yueli deals in sock products of all kinds, from the classic men’s sock to fashion socks, baby socks, children’s socks, sports socks, pantyhose stockings and goodness knows what else! 


In order to meet market demand, the company has developed and produced a number of special materials such as Thermolite, used in ski socks, Cooltex, Sorbtek, Bamboo and Modal …and more. A check around the Yueli web site makes it clear that all socks are not equal…so what ARE the special properties of a Yueli sock? Well take the Yueli cycling sock for ‘starters’ …this is how it is … according to the companies well-informed blog 

With advances in sports apparel technology trickling down into what we wear on our feet, socks have evolved dramatically from the humble item we once used to simply cover our feet…. read on 

Now about a sock for cycling ……

Different from your business socks, cycling socks are loaded with tech, and if the comfort and performance benefits weren’t enough, they’re a great way to add a touch of style to any rider’s cycling kit. When cycling, the foot is placed in a unique, stable position, and so thinner, form-hugging socks are more beneficial, allowing the technical features of the sock to perform at their efficient best. You don’t need them but probably due to the elastic element they contain, I find they hold up better and provide a better feel than my general sports socks.

fitting appropriately 

When you plan a short day-trip or a longer bicycle tour, make sure you select the right cycling socks to ensure that your feet are as comfortable as possible once you hit the road or trail. A well-designed pair of socks that fits appropriately and is suitable for your particular bicycling needs will breathe well while regulating temperature in both hot and cold environments.

top recommendations

When your day trips turn into tours, quality cycling socks protect your feet from blisters and minimise discomfort. To help you select the best cycling sock for your particular needs, we offer our top recommendations for cycling socks in demand right here online. 

Above, there was a mention, you may recall, of the Thermolite material used by Yueli in classy comfortable ski socks ….below is the blogged ski sock ‘story’ …..

So what is a ski sock all about? 

A good pair of ski socks can make or break your day on the slopes because they offer the ideal mix of comfort, cushioning, breathability, and support. A quality ski sock gets the basics right: a close but not restricting fit, soft-touch materials that don’t itch, and enough cushioning to keep you on the slopes all day. The current top dog in sock construction is merino wool. It’s not scratchy like wool socks of old—in fact it’s quite soft and comfortable—and repels odor extremely well.

ultra thick

Modern ski socks also are thinner than in the past—boot liners have improved so that you no longer need an ultra-thick sock to be comfortable. Our company offers sock options for both male and female feet. While anatomical foot and calf differences between males and females can result in different ski boot designs, a good ski sock is designed to fit snugly around a variety of foot sizes

So now you know ….. best foot forward then.The company exports its quality products right across the world to Europe, South America, North America, Japan and many other global destinations.