‘Lighting up’ the many advantages of the products on offer from the Lucoh team specialists …

Lucoh Lighting Technology –  another of our new members at  IMD online –  is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of portable battery lighting products and industrial LED lighting for construction, industrial and hazardous work environments.

The business has been providing the best in battery portable and industrial lighting and static grounding light products for use in numerous types of often quite complex work situations over many years. Lucoh has built its reputation providing customers with safe dependable lighting to meet all and every challenging working scenario in any industry – oil and gas, aviation, construction, chemical, automotive… and more.  

An expert R & D team ensures new developing product designs are always available to ensure LUCOH customers can each meet their own particular workplace lighting requirements. The Lucoh business understands and appreciates the numerous lighting challenges often faced by their customers and is prepared to help them meet each and every working challenge. Here below expert team members ‘blog’ product advantages when it comes to their lighting products and service proposition.. 

Advantages 1. Light body is very small: LED light is a very small, very fine LED chip packaged in a transparent epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light, in the production and application saving a lot of materials and space.

Advantages 2. Very low energy consumption: generally, the working voltage of LED lamp is only 2-3.6v, and the working current is only 0.02-0.03a. That is to say, the power consumption is not more than 0.1W, which is more than 90% less than that of incandescent lamp with the same light effect, and more than 70% less than that of energy-saving lamp. Therefore, only LED can be called a real energy-saving light source!

Advantages 3  Solid and durable: LED chip is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin. The small epoxy resin particles are very difficult to break, and the whole lamp body has no loose part; the chips inside are very difficult to break, and there is little thermal effect that may volatilize and fuse. These characteristics make it difficult to damage the LED light. Compared with ordinary light bulb and fluorescent lamp, LED is solid and durable.

Advantages 4. long service life of LED lamp: under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of LED lamp can reach 100,000 hours, that is to say, the product life can reach more than 10 years in theory, with longer service life than other types of lamps.  For an even more extended list of advantages, visit www.lucoh.com 

Zhejiang Xier Plastic valves are repairable.. and ‘we will repair them’ explain the Xier experts…

The Zhejiang Xier Plastic Valve Lead Co Ltd, formed in 1993 and located in Zhejiang Province, China,  is a leading, long established, manufacturing and trading company of PVC and PPR Ball Valve products. 

highly professional expertise 

It’s factory facility contains 64 injection machines used to produce the business’ highly successful Ball Valve products. Xier Plastic has a long-standing and highly professional expertise and experience in the development and manufacture of varied ball valve technology and production, and is known for its products world-wide. 

The business – a recent new member of IMD online – continues to invest in Ball Valve making and moulds in order to remain totally responsive to all customers’ development requests, however complex and demanding they may be.  Here below, their experts review the issue of repair to their PPR Ball Valve products should they become damaged … 

When PPR Ball Valves become damaged and start leaking water then most suppliers simply replace the damaged valve with a new one. It is true, many think that valves such as these are unable to be repaired and tend to think the only answer is to spend money replacing them.

We at Xier would say this is not the case. Most valve service providers may not provide a PPR Ball Valve Repair service and they usually prefer to replace it, but these valves are repairable and this applies to the each of the three general types of ball valves whatever their bore sizing type…….

The full port valve has a large ball, and the hole is the same size as the pipe resulting in minimum friction loss. Flow is unrestricted, but the valve is larger.

In a decreased or reduced bore ball valve flow over the valve is one pipe size, smaller than the valve’s pipe size, resulting in flow area becoming lesser than the pipe.

A V-port ball valve has a closer limited flow characteristic. This type of valve needs to be more robust in production, due to the greater velocities of the fluids going through it and the volume is a key factor in a valve becoming damaged. 

Those are the key three bore size types and each can be repaired…. and Xier will repair them in all reasonable circumstances. Visit ….www.xier.com

Specialist, non-ferrous metal product manufacturing business, Baoji Hanz review the key strategic product of tungsten…..

March 4th – Latest IMD online member, Baoji Hanz Material Technology Co Ltd, located in Baoji city of Shaanxi Province in China, is a producer of cost-effective, non-ferrous metal products such as sheets, plates, cubes, pipes, bars and wire, which are used in various fields and industries including geology, petroleum, chemical, medical and also military. The high-range metals used in the Company’s specialist expertly-developed products are in the main titanium tungsten and molybdenum….here Baoji company’s research experts ‘blog’ their review of key aspects of Tungsten products usage  …..

Tungsten products mainly include tungsten concentrate raw materials and ammonium paratungstate, tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, hard alloy, tungsten bar, tungsten wire and tungsten, iron and so on, widely used in automobiles, machinery, mining, petroleum, building materials, electronics, military and other fields. The analysis of tungsten industry indicates that tungsten has been listed as an important strategic metal in the world because of its irreplaceable role in many fields. 

demand grows 

From the domestic market, tungsten raw material market supply tends to be stable, demand continues to grow, the trend of tight supply has not changed.

With the establishment of the ecological protection red line, the strengthening of the exploitation and management of Tungsten Mines, the implementation of the policies on the prevention and control of pollution from tungsten smelting, the environmental protection tax and the resource tax law, etc…


Due to the rigid increase of tungsten mining cost, the decrease of tungsten ore grade, the expansion of tungsten mining capacity and the control of mining rights, the resource and environment constraints are becoming stronger and stronger. At present, China’s tungsten industry is in a critical period of high-quality development, the industry’s economic situation needs to be further consolidated.            

legal system 

First, may be to speed up legislation on mineral reserves and improve the legal system for strategic reserves of mineral resources; Second, best to perhaps strengthen organisational management and establish an operational mechanism for mineral reserves; and third, continue to strengthen the control and management of the total amount of mining, to create favourable conditions for the reserve of tungsten resources, and to give full playtime the role of trade associations in the implementation of the reserve of tungsten resources.          

Reviewing leading functions, performance and weaving methods of Hanxiang Precision‘s exceptional high performing machines…..

March 4th – Shaoxing Hanxiang Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd, established in 2008, and located in Shaoxing County’s Keyan Industrial Park, manufactures machinery for the production of stockings, gloves and socks. It has just become an IMD online member.

The business has an expert, well-qualified, professional production and engineering team, backed by independent ongoing Research and Development personnel. The company holds various impressive patents for its machinery development and its supporting software systems.

sound investment 

The company’s leading machine is its H04MJ-600 – a fine stitch, jacquard machine, offering a range of design, weaving  and pattern finish options. The business also produces its HX-308 and the HX-305 computerised glove braiding machines, both with the feature of stable performance and easy operation. 

These machines offer varied weaves for safety gloves production and are a sound investment due to their high degree of effective automation. Below, the business’ experts review different, varied weaving methods to be tackled by its exceptionally well-regarded machines…..

The knitting production process is short – the material has strong applicability, the product has a wide range of use, the needle strong machine has high production efficiency, low labour intensity, low machine noise and small floor space.

The coil is the basic structural unit constituting the knitted fabric. Coil composition: circle, needle arc and sinker.The main physical and mechanical indicators of knitted fabrics: coil length, density, under-fill, co-efficient thickness, dispersibility and curling.

The type of needle, – it can be divided into crochet machine, tongue needle machine and compound needle machine. The knitting machine should be composed of:- a wire or a feeding mechanism, a weaving mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism, a transmission mechanism and an auxiliary mechanism. Auxiliary devices include:- flower type mechanism, automatic control mechanism, automatic fuelling device, cleaning dust removal device, various self-stop devices, counting devices, etc..etc..

Type of knitted fabric:- original tissue, changing organisation, flower colour organisation, flat needle tissue, a double rib structure, commonly known as cotton wool tissue.

The method of representing the structure – reference weft-knitted fabric generally includes-  A structure diagram, an artwork diagram, a weaving diagram. Jacquard organisation, whose structural unit consists of coils and floats. Jacquard tissue can be divided into single-sided, double-sided, which has a monochromatic (plain) and multi-colour. 

Single-face weft-knitted jacquard, according to the number of vertical turns of the longitudinal coils of each front coil in a complete group strength, can be divided into two types: uniform structure and uneven structure.

There are three major categories of colour-added yarns: embroidered yarn-added tissue, overhead-stacked tissue, and exchange-stamped tissue. The laying method of the padding yarn is generally straight pad type, displacement type or hybrid type. At present, most of the flannel production adopts 1:2 displacement type.

When it comes to top quality moulds – Taizhou Eura know what’s what!….. and here assess production processes and key technique issues ….

March 4th – Taizhou Eura Mould & Plastic Co.Ltd. is a professional plastic injection mould maker and custom plastic parts manufacturer in  ‘ ‘The Mould City’ of China, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang. 

The business for sure has considerable technique and expertise in quality  plastic injection mould processes and production. The company operates an impressive works of advanced large-scale precision machinery and equipment for effective, versatile mould production to meet constant new levels of challenging customer demand.

It has at the heart of its production machinery a complete CAD, CAM, and CAE system which ensures the highest precision formulation  of all moulds, however potentially complex. 

operational positivity

The business prides itself on its determined, core team-building operational positivity and its trading spirit of responsibility and  expertise, backed by its  committed ‘can do’ attitude and detailed orientation in product delivery – all of which are at the heart of its sure-footed, expanding future. The business has a flourishing international market built on competitive pricing, speedy order responses and attentive, worry-free after-sales service and product support.

The experts know ….. read the below blogged key assessment from the Eura Mould expert team on mass producing mould products ….

“If a manufacturer wants to ensure that all products are exactly the same when mass-producing various products, then they must use moulds for production. Thus, they also need to find some professional mould design and manufacturers. In order to provide high-quality moulds to their customers, these manufacturers will probably introduce new design and manufacturing processes. For the current mould field, what are the design and manufacturing processes used? Being are a practitioner in this industry, then we of course have a deep understanding of this knowledge, so let’s take a look below and review issues below..

First, casting

Most people should be familiar with the casting process, and to a certain extent, most people think that all moulds are produced by casting. In fact, in the process of mould design and manufacturing nowadays , this production and manufacturing process is no longer applicable. This is because it may cause poor thermal conductivity of the mould, and so will affect the overall production result. The most important thing is that this casting method may also affect the steel strength and hardness.

Second, cutting

For those moulds that require a certain degree of excessive rounded corners, cutting can be used in the production process, because doing so can effectively guarantee that there is a certain degree of radian at the corners.

Of course, in terms of technology, it also has certain defects. For example, during processing, it is likely that the stress concentration will occur due to the very small radius, which can further damage the materials used, and may also cause the appearance of this mould to be too rough after processing.

Third, grinding

This is a mould design and manufacturing process that is often used at present, because for this production process, it can effectively improve the quality and level of the mould. The most important thing is that some moulds have higher requirements for precision, especially The requirements for the smoothness of the mold surface are also relatively strict. Therefore, in some cases with high requirements, this tool can be used to complete the mould design and manufacturing work. However, when applying this process, care is needed to avoid overheating or cracks.

Fourth, EDM

In fact, for most mould manufacturers, in the process of designing and manufacturing various moulds, due to the high requirements on the accuracy of the mould, the EDM process seems to be more and more popular – after all, it is being controlled numerically. Technical control of EDM can achieve higher accuracy, and at the same time can ensure that the surface has a certain degree of smoothness. However, when applying this mould design and manufacturing process, the operator must have a certain level of technology knowledge as this process has certain requirements on a technical level.

The various mould design and manufacturing processes introduced above each have their own characteristics. It cannot be said which process is the best, but for different mould types, different production and manufacturing processes may well be required.

Getting conditions just right for quality precision effective moulds – Taizhou Huangyan know how….

March 3rd – The Taizhou Huangyan HAOHAO Plastic Mould Factory was founded in 2008 and has over 200 staff. It is yet another Chinese member of IMD Online. Its business centre, covers an area of 17,000 square meters and the business holds the ISO9001 certification and uses advanced CAD/CAN systems.

advanced technology 

It operates a high-precision CNC machine centre, backed by advanced technology and is equipped with top range machinery. An extensive range of high quality, middle and large sized moulds are produced by the company at competitive prices for use in the auto, electricity, daily necessity and other industries. 

Mould types produced include cable tie; auto; air cooler; pipe fitting and more.  Varied quality moulds are produced according to pattern samples, 3D drawings or to die casting and small precision mould patterns. Here below, the Company’s experts reflect on the requirement of the right working conditions for effective plastic moulds …

Abrasion resistance

When the blank is plastically deformed in the mould cavity, it flows and slides along the cavity surface, which causes severe friction between the cavity surface and the blank, which causes the mould to fail due to wear. Therefore, the wear resistance of the material is one of the most basic and important properties of the mould.

Hardness is the main factor affecting wear resistance. In general, the higher the hardness of the mould parts, the smaller the amount of wear and thus the better the wear resistance. In addition, abrasion resistance is also related to the type, quantity, form, size and distribution of carbides in the material.


Most of the working conditions of the mould are very harsh, and some often bear large impact loads, which leads to brittle fracture. In order to prevent the mould parts from being suddenly brittle during work, the mould must have high strength and toughness. The toughness of the mould mainly depends on the carbon content, grain size and microstructure of the material.

Fatigue fracture performance.

During the work of the mould, under the long-term effect of cyclic stress, it often causes fatigue fracture. Its forms are small energy, multiple impact, fatigue fracture, tensile fatigue, fracture contact, fatigue fracture and bending fatigue fracture. The fatigue fracture performance of a mould mainly depends on its strength, toughness, hardness, and the content of inclusions in the material.

High temperature performance

When the working temperature of the mould is higher, the hardness and strength will be reduced, leading to early wear of the mould or plastic deformation and failure. Because the mould material should have high resistance to tempering to ensure that the mould has a higher hardness and strength at the working temperature.

The complex matter of the right material prepared in the right way for the simple pocket ….

March 3rd – Huzhou Deer Textile Co Ltd  – a recent new IMD online member – is a leading international enterprise specialising in the development and manufacture of top-quality lining fabrics. Located in Huzhou Zhengjiang Province, close to Shanghai port, the business’ achieves an annual production volume of fabric of more than a mammoth 500,000,000 metres!

The company exports most of its ‘material’ products to the likes of Europe, Russia, The Middle East, South Asia, Korea, Mexico, Columbia, Panama and more and its international market continues to grow year on year. The business develops, creates and even leads new products for every overseas ‘fashion season’. It  now produces over 1000 high standard, quality controlled different lining fabrics routinely every year, as well as products developed specifically to order.  

Huzhou Deer Lining material is a key product too when it comes to the humble pocket, (which most garments have of course!)….Here below their experts ‘blog-talk’ pockets – and it is apparently as you will observe – quite a complex matter……

The fabric of the pocket fabric is divided into two parts by the warp of the two systems – The tissue of a system of warp yarns is called the weft double structure. The fabric is woven with the same structure, and the same or different appearances of the front and back sides of the fabric can be obtained. The strips or patterns of different colours can be obtained on both sides of the fabric, and the double-layered tissue is often used for weaving high-grade combed wool fabric, and heavy tissue is often used to weave fabrics such as felts and heavy woollen fabrics.

The pocket cloth polyester-cotton weave –This is interwoven by the warp yarns of the two systems and at the same time, the upper and lower layers of fabric are formed parallel to each other. The two layers of fabric may be separated from each other or may be connected to each other. A tubular fabric can be formed by joining only the two sides of the upper and lower layers. By connecting only one side of the upper and lower layers, a double fabric can be woven on a narrow loom. Huzhou Deer’s pocket fabric(pocketing fabric) has guaranteed quality.

Two or more colour yarns are used – This is the warp and weft yarns, and the inner layer of the watch is exchanged according to the design pattern, and the pattern of the colour change in the table can be obtained. The upper and lower layers are affixed together to obtain a double layer fabric. Two-layer tissue is commonly used to weave thick fabrics, paper blankets and other wool fabrics. It is the same for double-layer uppers and fire hoses and other cotton fabrics.

The pocket cloth polyester-cotton weave – This is composed of two system warp yarns and a system weft yarn, or a system warp yarn and two system weft yarns (known as a ground weft, hair weft). The former is formed by warp yarns forming the surface of the fabric, which is called a ‘pile fabric’, and the corresponding tissue is called a raised structure.

The latter consists of a weft yarn – This forms a pile surface of the fabric, and the corresponding tissue is called a weft raising structure. When woven by the raised fabric, the upper and lower layers of the ground fabric are simultaneously formed on the loom, and the distance between the two layers is the height of the two layers of the pile. The fabric is divided into two separate raised fabrics after being cut. Fabrics such as flat and plush are woven with raised tissue.

Throwing ‘something of a light’ from Ningbo China on the functional uses of lighters world wide….

March 2nd – Ningbo Ouqi Smoking Set Co Ltd was founded in 1992. It is a private enterprise specialising in the design, research, development and manufacture of various use lighter and wheel lighter products as well as  additional items such as spot guns, spray guns and straight blanking machines. The Ningbo Ouqi Company is also now a member of IMD online.

Due to its continuous innovation and development, the company now holds numerous key certifications –  ISO900; The 2008 Quality Management System Standard; An “Export Product Quality Permit” ; The BSCI qualification; The “ISO9994” quality inspection and identification and also the highly identifiable, Chinese Enterprise Trademark –  “WANSFA”.

The Company’s impressive manufacturing centre covers an area of 40,000 square meters and there is an on-site personnel rota of more than 800 people. Since its inception, this now fast expanding and developing company, adheres in all respects to a precise operating business commitment  – “quality first, safety first, and continuity – to meet customer expectation.” The Ouqi Smoking Set experts highlight below key marketing aspects reference the  humble lighter today….. 

1. Pragmatism – Nowadays, living standards continue to improve. From the perspective of practicability and environmental protection, people have left matches and bought lighters. There are 1.88 billion smokers in the world. For such a large group, the demand for lighters is huge. As a practical advertising medium, the role of lighters is self-evident.

2. The collection  – Today’s lighters are not only practical, but also developed into a unique handicraft, which has a high appreciation and collection value. There are more and more people collecting lighters now. It is said that there are about 2,000 people in China who collect the lighter.

3. Gifts – The cost of a lighter is not high, it is a good gift for the smoker? 

4. Advertising – Nowadays, lighters have gradually evolved into a new type of advertising media, and savvy manufacturers are willing to adopt them, especially for tobacco and alcohol products.It is also an ideal promotional companion because of its low investment and long-lasting effects. The target group is clear, companies such as beverage companies, hotels, restaurants and more ….. but unfortunately there are not many choices when it comes to lighter manufacturers of excellence.

5. Environmental protection – (as compared with matches). Matches will consume a lot of firewood and destroy the forest. The lighter made of metal shell is very environmentally friendly. Because the metal shell takes a long time and can be recycled. Plastic lighters have a short life cycle, but the plastic case can also be recycled.

The one… two.. three of electric motor design and key parts… from Shengzhou Tianyi …..

The Shengzhou Tianyi Electric Appliance Co Ltd was established in 1993 and is located in the industrial zone of Changle Town, Shengzhou City, the Centre of Zhejiang Province.

The business  operates a fully-equipped production and construction works,  with offices and testing centre, covering more than 16,000 sq metres, from where it manufactures a range of motor products for household appliances – washing machines; spin dryers; cooker hoods and blenders…. and more . It also develops and produces motors for fans; automotive accessories and air conditioning. The Company holds the ISO9001 and the 2008 Audit certifications. Its products all follow the CCC standard.

Tianyi Electric – a recent new member here on IMD online-  works with many famous household appliance ‘name’ brands, such as Samsung and Sharp and has growing exports of its products World-wide to Europe, The United States, The Middle East , India, Korea, Brazil, Indonesia .. and more… 

The Company principle of hi-tech development and quality technology is at the core of its statement of  business performance – “advance steadily, in refinement”….. here below the Company experts present some valuable basic information on key parts areas of their highly successful motor products….

Electric motor designs can vary quite a lot, though in general they have three main parts: a rotor, a stator and a commutator. These three parts use the attractive and repulsive forces of electromagnetism, causing the motor to spin continually as long as it receives a steady flow of electric current.

Basic Principles

Motors work through the principles of electromagnetism. If you run electricity through a wire, it creates a magnetic field. If you coil the wire around a rod and run electricity through the wire, it creates a magnetic field around the rod.

One end of the rod will have a north magnetic pole and the other will have a south pole. Opposite poles attract one another, like poles repel. When you surround that rod with other magnets, the rod will rotate from the attractive and repulsive forces.

The Stator

Every electric motor has two essential parts: one stationary, and one that rotates. The stationary part is the stator. Though configurations vary, the stator is most often a permanent magnet or row of magnets lining the edge of the motor casing, which is usually a round plastic drum.

The Rotor

Inserted into the stator is the rotor, usually consisting of copper wire wound into a coil around an axle. When electric current flows through the coil, the resulting magnetic field pushes against the field created by the stator, and makes the axle spin.

The Commutator: Basics

An electric motor has another important component, the commutator, which sits at one end of the coil. It is a metal ring divided into two halves. It reverses the electrical current in the coil each time the coil rotates half a turn. The commutator periodically reverses the current between the rotor and the external circuit, or the battery. This ensures that the ends of coils do not move in opposite directions, and ensures that the axle spins in one direction.

More Commutator: Magnetic Poles

The commutator is necessary because the spinning rotor gets its motion from magnetic attraction and repulsion between the rotor and the stator. To understand this, imagine the motor turning in slow motion. When the rotor rotates to the point where the south pole of the rotor magnet meets the north pole of the stator, the attraction between the two poles will halt the spin in its tracks. 

To keep the rotor spinning, the commutator reverses the magnet’s polarity, so the rotor’s south pole becomes the north. The north pole of the rotor and the north pole of the stator then repel each other, forcing the rotor to continue to spin.Washing Machine AC Motor manufacture

Brushes and Terminals

At one end of the motor are the brushes and the terminals. They are at the opposite end from where the rotor exits the motor casing. The brushes send electrical current to the commutator and are typically made of graphite. The terminals are the locations where the battery attaches to the motor and sends the current to spin the rotor.

‘Packing a punch’ in plastic packaging – that’s flourishing Ningbo Linhua

March 2nd – Ningbo Linhua Plastic Co Ltd, established in 2004, is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging. The business is located in Fenghua, Ningbo City, in China  just one and a half hour drive from the Beilun port and half an hour from Ningbo Lishe airport. 

The company – a new IMD online member –  has  a flourishing world wide market for it’s environmentally aware packaging products, backed by the business’ much respected long term knowledge, professional expertise and attentive customer service.

Its well-established R&D team of senior engineers and technicians with decades of knowledge in packaging technology can respond effectively to wide-ranging customer demand whether it be new mould design or new specialist product development – each back  reliable, effective, expert product inspection. The current Ningbo Linhua Plastic product range includes numerous types of trays, cups and containers. Product material used can vary from PP, PS, PET, TFPP and PLA etc.

The business has ISO9001, WQA, QS, HACCP certifications, and has also successfully attained the BRC audit for packaging and packaging materials.  It operates well-managed and established safety and quality controls in accordance with AIB requirement  relating to the manufacturing of food contact packaging.

With high quality and timely product delivery, backed by competitive pricing and professionalism in all aspects of service, Ningbo Lihua remains confident of continued trading growth across the World….

Key brand product awards achieved includes the Ningbo’ Famous Brand’ Product and a Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprises recognition.Ningbo Linhua also holds a Vice President representation on the Unit of the Chinese Meat Association Meat Packaging Professional Committee.

The business  is also a special local government R&D centre for oxygen barrier (keep food fresh) plastic products like the take out food container – below the Company blog offer their considered expertise and comment  on the worldwide often quite controversial issues linked to many types of ‘take out’ food containers …

Irregular production and non conformity – When you buy takeout or some snacks, you will inevitably use disposable lunch boxes. The original purpose of the use of disposable lunch boxes is to carry food, and to achieve cleanliness and hygiene. However, driven by the interests of some unhealthy manufacturers, they use irregular production processes and adopt some original products that do not conform to the production label. 

Neglecting the quality – Material production results in uneven quality of disposable tableware products in the current market, and in daily life, many business users often neglect the quality of disposable tableware boxes. In many restaurants and snack bars nowadays, there are many kinds of disposable lunch boxes, such as foam, paper, transparent plastic, all kinds of products. There are many unqualified products. How can we judge the quality of disposable tableware and know how to distinguish it? To hurt.

Look, hear, ask ..and look again – There are four ways to distinguish disposable lunch boxes:: that is, look at the appearance and surface of the lunch boxes. Many inferior lunch boxes can be distinguished from the appearance, whether paper or plastic. For plastic type lunch boxes, the surface of good lunch boxes is very smooth, and the transparency is very high, and there are no impurities on the average. The overall shape seems to be very harmonious, and poor-quality lunch boxes, in order to save costs, often use poor-quality materials, transparency is not high, and looks impurities, the overall shape is easy to change, easy to deform.

Smell – Odour is a great feature of inferior lunch boxes, which undoubtedly gives us a good distinguishing condition. Good lunch boxes are tasteless or light, while some inferior lunch boxes emit a great odor because of materials. Even if they are taken out and used for a long time, they will still exist here. It tastes good.

Questions – Right here some necessary questions for dealers when purchasing disposable tableware. Firstly, we should confirm whether the lunch box is manufactured by a regular manufacturer. Secondly, we should confirm that the product has QS certification. Secondly, we should confirm the production standard of the product. Knowledgeable friends can ask about the raw materials used in the production.

Feeling – Touch your hands, feel the feel of the hand, smoothness, hardness, good lunch boxes in smoothness and hardness is very good, and poor quality lunch boxes, you can feel the smoothness is very poor, and hardness is not enough, fine feeling can also feel a sense of granularity.