Aoyama ‘lift off’ to a whole new performance achievement platform…. …right around the World!

March 17th – Aoyama Elevator Global was founded in Japan in 1966, and today supplies and markets a full range of multi-domain passenger elevators, scissor lifts, lift platforms and other products and services to commercial, residential and public transport environments in 60 different countries and Regions around the world.

Through development of its continually extending product range and its full-support service and innovation, Aoyama Elevator Global – now an IMD online member  – guides and aids its world-wide customers to gain competitive advantage in today’s competitive global markets through energy efficiency, joint manufacturing liaisons and ongoing wide-ranging product innovations.

Online at the Aoyama experts highlight the main features of the boom lift platform ….read on….

Features of the boom lift platform…. Through the front end bracket of the boom, you can quickly install a lifting device or a manned platform to realize the functions of material lifting, lifting and lifting, and manned aerial work. At the same time, it provides rapid expansion of the working device and various working devices.

The self-propelled aerial work lifting platform vehicle with completely independent intellectual property rights has adopted technologies, such as electromechanical-hydraulic integration, reliability design, and computer-aided design to successfully develop a fully hydraulic drive and self-propelled special chassis. It breaks through the limitation that the domestic high-altitude operation lifting platform trucks can only be modified by car or crane chassis design.

 Unique three-dimensional rotary lifting device. The designed three-dimensional rotary lifting device can not only automatically maintain the attitude of the material being lifted, but also realize the adjustment requirements of any height, any position and any direction of the lifting material in the space. The speed control is accurate and sensitive, and the micro-motion performance is good. It meets the requirements of aerial work and ventilation duct installation in large caverns.

Ready ‘Steady’ go ..go…go for a ‘riveting’ level of production performance…. rarely found worldwide!

March 17th – Steady Industrial Fasteners Co Ltd are an expert, high technology, well-established, specialist producer of Blind Fasteners and other related products, such as Rivet Nuts, Rivets, Chinching Fasteners and Welding Studs and the business is today one of the leading blind fastener manufacturer & suppliers in Asia.

With more than 20 years of operational experience, the continuing growth of the Company today means that Steady, now a new IMD Online member  now produce a hugely impressive 1.5 billion ‘blind’ rivets, 120million chinching fasteners and more than 900 million other type  rivets every year – production figures that are rarely- if at all-  matched anywhere else!

The business manufactures over a thousand different types of blind rivet nuts in steel, aluminium and stainless steel, and its range of the stainless steel blind rivets also includes, the open and sealed type, multi-grip, mono-bolt and, also, other structural known rivets types…

…..for sure Steady, of course, know all there is to know about rivets…… whatever it is …. a visit to their web site here –  reveals just that …’s a couple of very modest pieces of ‘riveting’ information such as the difference between rivets and screws …and the solution to rivet cracking … on…..   

Rivets can be divided into standard parts and non-standard parts…… 

Standard parts are divided into: stainless steel rivets, copper rivets, iron rivets, aluminium rivets and so on.

Definition of rivet: A metal rod-shaped part with a cap on one end. After penetrating into the connected component, the outer end of the rod is punched, pressed out, and the component is pressed and fixed.

The difference between rivets and screws is:

The rivet is deformed by itself, and generally one end becomes larger, connecting two (or more than two) parts together. After riveting, if you want to split the part, you must break the rivet.

The screw is screwed into the body of the component to connect the component. Therefore, if you want to disassemble the component, you only need to unscrew the screw. The screw is not damaged and can be used repeatedly.

In general: the screws are easy to adjust and the rivets are not easy to adjust….l 

Rivet cracking solution – Semi-hollow or solid rivets crack when pressed

There are generally several questions:

Material problem –  special rivet wire should be selected.

Concentric problem-  at semi-hollow, semi-hollow un-concentric partial air will also crack

The head of the rivet is very uneven

The punch is not aligned with the centre of the rivet.

‘Concrete’ proof of success as ‘HNY annual production capacity soars to 20,000 tons!

Shanghai Hongyu Industry Co Ltd has an impressive annual production capacity of over 20,000 tons as it supplies and develops key Sany and Zoomlion concrete pump spare parts and technical maintenance programmes to operating companies both at home in China and overseas. They are a new IMD Online member

Backed by numerous years of attentive R and D development and expanding knowledge and expertise, the Company now has a flourishing, constantly expanding operation. There is a full inspection service and all individually specified products are able to be manufactured within the Company’s exceptionally well-equipped machinery shop, in step with customers individual requirements presented on supplied drawings or by provision of specific replacement samples. 

Key varied specialist concrete pump parts are widely available through the Shanghai Hongyu business including electrical part items and reducers and also key product parts relating to vital hydraulics – the subject of the below focus online at the Hongyu Industry web site..

Hydraulic cylinders essentially convert fluid pressure and flow into force and linear motion. They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, materials, and configurations. Many OEM engineers play it safe by over-engineering cylinder specifications. But less can sometimes be more when it comes to complex hydraulics. 

Hydraulic cylinders haven’t really changed a lot over the years. The manufacturing processes are much more streamlined and the tolerances are much tighter, but for the most part cylinders are still the hard working push/pull tools they have always been. These things have literally shaped the world around us.

Anything that gets lifted, pushed, hauled, dumped, dug, crushed, drilled or graded has gotten that way by some truck, crane, dozer or tractor using a hydraulic cylinder. The amazing amount of force a cylinder exerts is due to the simple mechanical principle of pressure exerted on the surface area of the piston. Simply put, the larger the diameter of the cylinder, the more it will lift.

A ‘healthy’ outlook all round for the Premium Ingredient Company – selling in 100-plus countries worldwide….

March 14th – Premium Ingredient Co Ltd specialise in producing, marketing and distributing a wide range of health products and operates a practical, one-stop-shop solution to the supply of  food, beverages, diet supplements, pharmaceuticals and feed in more than some 120 countries and territories world-wide. 

With more than 10 years operational experience, Premium Ingredient Co Ltd, backed by up-to-the minute on trend market information offers the highest quality products – innovative amino acids, vitamins, nutrition and food additives and more. Premium are a new IMD member –

Based on its soundly developed and highly organised factory production programmes, the Premium Ingredient business successfully secures on time delivery of its quality products at competitive prices, supported by a sustained, attentive after-sales advisory service.

A key product sold by the company are Amino acids and on their web site – is some useful review information regarding this product. 

The 20 Amino Acids and Their Function – The amino acids are organic compounds formed by carboxyls and amines. These compounds bind to form proteins and other macromolecules. They are divided into two groups: essential and non-essential.

Essential amino acids are those that can not be synthesized by the human body autonomously. For this reason, this type of amino acid must be ingested through food.

Foods with the highest content of essential amino acids are meats (including fish), eggs, dairy products, nuts and some vegetables. 

Non-essential amino acids are those that can be produced by the human body (specifically by the liver) without the help of external agents.In general terms, the functions of amino acids are as follows: Regulate the sleep cycle and wakefulness; Synthesizing hormones; Stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins; Improve the circulation of oxygen in the muscles; Regulate brain activity (such as alertness and feelings of depression); Produce and store energy; The essential amino acids are eight: phenylalanine, tryptophan, lysine, methionine, threonine, isoleucine, leucine and valine.

The non-essential amino acids are: glycine, alanine, serine, cysteine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, asparagine, glutamine, arginine, tyrosine, proline and histidine.

The Chinese ‘Beauty Machine’ goes on ‘revving up’ for a fast growing high speed future world wide …

March 13th – Guangzhou Beauty and Health Electronic Co Ltd  – The Beauty Machine – develops and manufactures an impressively growing range of high quality beauty machines and aesthetic health products, all of which are extensively marketed throughout China and also exported to South East Asia and across Europe.The Company has just become an IMD member –

Among the Beauty Machine lead items produced by the business are beierplasm aesthetic products – for which the Company are leading suppliers and  the Pico second laser device.

Then there’s also wide ranges of skin analysers, plasma, lift and micro-needling pens, facial, body beauty and cellulite removal machines including the popular yag laser, the hifu face lifting  and wrinkle-removal equipment and numerous hair removal products.

A very impressive lead past success of the Beauty Machine has been its introduction of developed core technologies linked to the emergence of an interactive beauty service ‘robot’  type machine, which has, over time, been making a major impact in all areas of the beauty industry, both domestically  and abroad. The business is involved in a producing and selling an extensive range of all kinds of beauty products – to find out all about them – visit here – and – below as a taster – check the highlights of the advantages of one their impressive, well-regarded products The Hyaluron Pen….

So what is the difference between the Hyaluron Pen and filler injections? Well, as a matter of fact, those two belong in different universes that overlap only a tiny bit. Namely, fillers are injections that can have a large effect on the overall look of the human face. The thicker the filler is, the deeper it is injected and the larger and usually also permanent the effect is. 

When it comes to Hyaluron Pen the fillers that can be used are very liquid and can only be inserted to the upper layer of skin. This means that it only competes with a small category of HA fillers (mostly moisturising) that do the same thing. 

Whilst being limited when it comes to deeper or subnormal injections (where filler injections are used to achieve results), Hyaluron Pen is good for the very superficial cosmetic procedures.

So, when it comes to advantages of the Hyaluron pen – A painless injection; Injection without needle eliminates the risk of infection from the needle; Does not leave scars and puncture marks on the skin tissue with a needle; Better and faster absorption of drugs; Strictly subcutaneous injection – eliminating the risk of penetration of the drug into the muscle; Fast, easy and safe; Separate and economical dosing of the drug

Highlighting certain ‘palletable’ reasons why Qingdao CNplast products often outstrip alternative choices…

March 13th – Qingdao CNplast Co Ltd –  who have been rated among China’s most competitive plastic industrial enterprises and also a China ‘Famous Brand’ – is a high tech producer, manufacturer and supplier of  large scale plastic products including folding boxes, bins, carts, waste containers and pallets.

The Company – now a new IMD member – has a thriving marketing network both at home and internationally, to such as Australia, India, Malaysia, Africa, Europe and America. 

All products are widely used in numerous differing industries, including those such as petrochemical, chemical, drinks, food, medicine, tobacco, automobile …and more.

The business prides itself on its highly effective technical production, backed by competitive pricing and attentive efficient customer service. For sure, this means Qingdao CNplast products have advantages over their rivals ….take plastic pallets over wood pallets for example ..check out the five reasons to make ‘plastic’ first choice …

Wooden and timber pallets are the most commonly used pallets in manufacturing and logistics industries. They are well known for being one of the cheapest alternatives and can be re-used and repaired over their lifespan. However, wooden pallets are heavy and break easily, this means that they need to replaced regularly.

Furthermore, wooden pallets are difficult to clean due to their irregular surface and have a high risk of infestation and contamination when damp. In recent years, pallets have been made from an increasing range of materials, including plastic, metal and even cardboard.

Plastic pallets are the fastest growing alternative to wood. This is due to five main reasons below….

Plastic pallets are durable – Plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets as they are less likely to breakdown on repeated trips. These pallets are ideal for carrying heavy cargo during shipping and being moved around via forklift in a warehouse. Furthermore, they are more able to withstand weather elements in between transport compared to wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets are cost effective – As plastic pallets tend to be lighter than wooden units, freight rates are lower whether it is by road, sea or air. A big advantage plastic pallets have over wooden pallets is their nestability. Nestable pallets often feature a nine-leg bottom which nests into other pallets, saving precious space in a warehouse. Although plastic pallets often have a higher initial cost, the cost per trip of a plastic pallet is often significantly lower due to their durability. In recent years, new breakthroughs in technology have lowered the costs of plastic pallets to be comparable to that of wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets are hygienic – As plastic pallets do not absorb moisture, common issues with wooden pallets such as rot, infestation, fumigation and odour absorption are no longer a concern. Unlike other types of pallets, plastic pallets are usually constructed in one solid piece. Thus, the smooth surface of plastic pallets can be easily and thoroughly cleaned between usage. Plastic pallets are perfect for industries with regulatory and hygiene requirements such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

Plastic Pallets are environmentally friendly – Plastic pallets are more environmentally friendly compared to wooden pallets, as choosing a plastic pallet over wood reduces deforestation. Plastic pallets made of re-cycled plastic would further promote a circular plastic economy where waste is reduced instead of produced.

Plastic pallets are safer for everyone – Plastic pallets do not have weak spots at their points unlike wood. This is due to the way they are constructed in one solid piece. This results in lower risks of units failing under a heavy load. Choosing plastic pallets over wooden pallets eliminates nails, splinters and broken boards. This means that your valuable goods are less likely to be damaged and your employees have a safer working environment.

Finally take note say Qingdao CNplast – Although plastic pallets offer numerous benefits over wooden pallets, the choice to use either ultimately depends on the purpose of the pallet. If the pallet is used to ship goods overseas with a low chance of return, the lightest and lowest cost alternative would be ideal. However, if the purpose of the pallet is to be re-used for multiple trips to the same stores or in the warehouse, a durable alternative is a more economical choice. For more go here –

Tenau Elevators…elevating success ..elevating technologies .. elevating sales ..and offering an ‘Elevator speech’ too!

Tenau Elevator (China) is located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It was taken into ownership by the Suzhou Diao Elevator company in 2012 and now the factories of the two companies are consolidated and manufacture all types of escalators, cargo elevators and home lifts….and more.

These can be found in all and every type and style of location worldwide. Tenau Elevators are now an IMD Online member – see here…

The expanded Tenau business has an impressively high degree of innovative and intricate automation, and its Savanini production line, which was imported from Italy, can form a lift car door in just 90 seconds. What’s more, key R and D technologies within the Tenau business, have led to the achievement of exceptional high production levels of all kinds of specialist complex product machinery items such as intelligent control cabinets and the variable-frequency automatic door operators. 

It’s manufacturing operations achieve highly unique and precise efficiency performance and accuracy, alongside exceptional, reliable finish quality.  Lift Cars and Doors are welded by full-automatic ABB robots, achieving more ultimate efficiency, accuracy and a higher quality product finish.

So, plenty to shout about when it comes to elevators – and intriguingly on their web site, the Henau Company offer information on an ‘Elevator’ Speech! ….. Apparently if you’re in business, looking for a job, of even if you socialise a lot, having an “Elevator speech” is an essential resource, it is said to have in your professional or personal tool box!! Read on…. and for those who are not familiar with the concept, we can start with an elevator speech definition…..

An elevator speech (or 30 second intro) is a short, persuasive description of a person, organization or group, or an idea for a product, service, or project……apparently!!

It is a sound bite that details your professional or personal story, which should be prepared well in advance before you need it. This ‘sound bite’ is a short well-crafted statement that should be concise but detailed enough to inform a potential business prospect, employer or anyone else you come into contact with about yourself, your business, your products or services, or your organisation, preferably in the amount of time it takes to ride in an elevator.

An elevator speech should be short, to the point and grab your listener’s attention by saying a lot in very few words, yet leave your audience wanting to know more. A good elevator speech can be as short as 3 to 4 short sentences, about 50-100 words and take less than 30 seconds to deliver, or it can even be longer than 30 seconds. One minute and 2 minute elevator speeches can also be used in appropriate situations…. so it is said….

There’s plenty more too …so check out the full story of how to ‘elevate’ yourself to a new ‘level’ with your ‘elevator’ speech here …..

Spraying around its ‘high pressure’ business success – that’s Hangyu Plastics Biz – ‘Olinda’

Taizhou City Hangyu Plastic Co Ltd – otherwise known as Olinda – is located in the Binhai Industrial Zone, Taizhou, in Zhejiang Province, China and today now extensively exports its products to more than 40 countries across the world, with more than 900 containers of products being shipped overseas each year!

 It is now a new IMD online member – see here:- The business’ works factory now covers an area of some 50,000 square metres, and the company has an employee rota of more than two hundred. The name Olinda has now become registered as a brand. 

The Company mainly specialises in manufacturing two key series of products – a varied collection of sprayers for use in agriculture and for garden usage and an expertly developed range of high pressure washers, including electric and gasoline types.

Below, as highlighted on its web site – the Olinda experts feature the principles of the electric sprayer, one of their top selling products….

The principles of the electric sprayer: The principle is that in the same fluid, the flow velocity is large and the pressure is small; the flow velocity is small and the pressure is strong. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the trident, the water flowing at low speed flows to the air flowing at high speed. The water was turned into small droplets by high-speed air – (Imagine that the water flowing out of the faucet was initially slow and was a column of water – but then it gradually becomes a drop after a speed increase). These small drops of water are then sprayed out creating a definite water ‘mist’.

The principle of high-speed water flow breaking into obstacles after encountering obstacles: The principle is to press water into a thin tube to cause high-speed water flow, and the high-speed water flow breaks into small droplets after hitting obstacles. It looks like the faucet is opened and then  blocked with fingers. Household sprayers often use this structure, and the cost is low.

The principle of centrifugal force throwing liquid out: It is a high-speed rotating atomising disc that uses centrifugal force to throw out liquid and ‘shred it’ into small droplets, similar to the situation when an umbrella rotates.

The principle of ultrasonic atomisation: Vibration can cause “waves” on the water surface. The frequency of ultrasonic vibration is very high, so its “waves” have a very small wavelength, so the waves’ water droplets are also very small, and these small water droplets create a water mist. 

Haiyan Longbo goes ‘motoring’ along to more success with bumper production and thriving sales at home and abroad!

Haiyan LONG BO DC motor company is a high-tech enterprise specialising in the production of most kinds of DC motors and currently produces 100,000 PCS motors every year. It offers more than 100 different models to both thriving home and international markets including the USA and most European countries.

Many of the Long Bo motor products can be customised to meet specific customer needs. The business holds an ISO9001 certification. Haiyan Long Bo  has an innovative, energetic management team and a strong technical force is backed by  a range of advanced, up-to-date equipment, which delivers high quality products, backed by attentive comprehensive testing methods and programmes. The company is a recent IMD member – see here 

As said , the Haiyan Longbo business produces a wide range of different effective motors and in this online review below, its experts pinpoint the advantages of Permanent Magnet Motors…. 

A permanent magnet motor (PMM) is a type of brushless electric motor that uses permanent magnets attached to the rotor, maintaining the electromagnetically powered stator.

A permanent magnet motor is more economical, with greater energy efficiency, reduced electrical losses, lower operating current and less heat generation than a conventional induction motor (IM) of the same horsepower rating.

For similar power levels, a permanent magnet motor has higher power density per length, making it shorter and lighter than conventional motors.

The advantages of a permanent magnet motor includes better efficiency, higher power factor performance and compactness. On average, the permanent magnet motor uses 20 percent less power than the induction motor. Permanent magnet motors need to be operated with a different type of control for variable speed drive and require matching transformers for high frequency applications. For more visit…..

Cixi Yundie ‘bearing up’ and performing well in a testing competitive business – both at home and abroad …

The Cixi Yundie Bearing Co Ltd, located in Kuangyan Town in Cixi, China, has a current annual production capacity of over 20,000 tons. No wonder it has a thriving home market and fast expanding international exports too. The company has on board an innovative R and D team, who develop numerous flourishing creative techniques and technologies, which, in turn, has meant that now, after its ten year’s of growth, Cixi Yundie – a new IMD online member – ‎ –  is fully equipped to provide bespoke bearings products to meet specific required demand, alongside its much respected, in demand, established bearings range. 

The Cixi Yundie business’ established range of quality bearings products includes single row and stainless steel deep groove ball bearings; double row deep groove ball bearings and, also a number of additional more standard bearings products. All Cixi Yundie products are made of metals, but they have an eye to the whole market of course… and highlight a in a news post on their website the plastic bearing …..and it’d more recent development and value …

Plastic bearings are developing very fast in foreign countries… but domestic development is in its infancy, mainly due to the fact that the required raw materials are not totally readily available. Compared with foreign countries, the use of products is less in China, because the key raw materials used are mainly imported. However, in recent years, engineering plastic bearings have proved to have excellent performance and many users accept that as a bearings material plastic is ideal.

Plastic-coated bearings generally refer to a layer of plastic on the outside of the bearing….The plastic material is generally nylon PA, polyoxymethylene POM, and engineering plastics-  Acrylic, pp. The outer plastic has a certain hardness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and a certain self-lubrication function. 

Plastic-covered bearings are a newly emerging industry in China recently….They are widely used in machinery and equipment, industrial assembly lines, furniture and hardware accessories. According to different application purposes, the outer shape of the plastic-coated bearing can be made into different shapes, and it can be made into a pulley such as a V groove. V-grooves, etc.

Why plastic bearings are becoming more popular…Advantages of plastic bearings with a self-lubricating function – They have long life compared with metal bearings;  They will not rust; They are lighter than metal bearings; They make little  noise during operation, and have a certain vibration absorption function; Plastic sliding bearings are suitable for high and low temperature work -200 ~ +250 degrees; Plastic Bearings can offer better wear resistance.