Best of British at Kiev expo

By Matt Holmes, February 27, 2019

THE best of British shone at the Agro Animal Grain-Tech Show 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Milling and Grain joined the Department for International Trade at the show which was held at the International Exhibition Centre (IEC).

The Agro-Animal Grain-Tech Expo held in Kiev, Ukraine 19-21 February 2019 saw the agreement of a new Export Health Certificate (EHC) between the UK and Ukraine to herald future trade in cattle semen and embryos between the two countries. This success is the result of negotiations with their counterparts in Ukraine on behalf of the UK Export Certification Partnership (UKECP) with the support of Defra and the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Around twenty UK businesses participated in the fifth UK National Pavilion at the show. Among the exhibitors were representatives of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) – the levy board which represents farmers, growers and others in the supply chain.

UK TAG – Technology for Agriculture and Genetics – brought representatives from the beef and swine sectors as well as sector specialists from the DIT.

They met farmers from across Ukraine and further afield who offered a wide range of products, such as equipment for storage and processing of grain and oilseed crops, production of mixed fodders, equipment for elevators and grain reception centres, flour-milling and cereal industry, seeds, means of plant protection, laboratory and weight measuring equipment, machinery and technologies for production of grain products.

Judith Gough, British Ambassador to Ukraine was among a delegation to officially open the Expo.

She said: “Ukrainian agriculture is a success and will contribute to the nourishment of a growing population.

“Ukraine is one of the most fertile countries on the planet which is yet to reach its full potential. There is a real appetite to share UK expertise – GB has one of the largest stands here.”

Edward Hoeks, Dutch Ambassador to the Ukraine said: “We have a growing population which we cannot sustain – this is down to us all. Consumers have been responding in their attitude to food and the agricultural sector is up to the challenge.”

Isabelle Dumont – French Ambassador to Ukraine said: “By binding together in partnership, we can achieve very much.”

The Great Britain stand was dominated by a set of huge JCB diggers beneath a Union Jack flag. 

Mark Oakes, Head of Bioeconomy at the Department for International Trade said UK expertise was in high demand in Ukraine: “I think shows like this are crucial for the companies that come out here and are able to do business to business meetings. It is down to making deals and that is where the DIT can help with opening up the market. So we can make progress with export health certificates.”

Richard Saunders, British Livestock Genetics, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board said: “It is promoting the best of British genetics. It is important to look for new markets, however we need to have export certification – we are nearly there.

“The potential is strong in Ukraine. There is a lot of good breeds. We have improved Ukrainian stock.:

Nigel Overend, of Deerpark Pedigree Pigs, did strong business selling high quality pig semen and offering advice to Ukrainian farmers.

The experts all spoke at a special pig conference which focused on the spread of African Swine Fever.

Chris Jackson, of the British Pig Association said: “Pig farming is alive and kicking. The 90s was a devastation period – farms would go bankrupt. The sector was practically destroyed but in the 2000 it got better.

“With African Swine Fever the situation is critical now. It is our new reality and we have to coexist with it and until we find a vaccine we have to live with it.”

Edward Adamson, of UK Sheep Genetics gave advice on sheep to the Ukrainian farmers who attended the Expo.

Mykhailo Kovol of Olmix said: “It has been a great show for Olmix – we had more people than I expected. We have launched many many new products here.”