‘Best foot forward’ for the fast-growing specialist Zhuji sock machinery company….

March 6th – The Zhuji Guanghui Machinery Co Ltd – another new member of IMD online –  is located in the “hometown of socks”- in Datang Town Industrial Park in Zhuji. The business is a modern enterprise. It is backed by innovative research and development and specialises in the creation and assembly of machinery for the production of hosiery.  


The Company’s well-used and respected machinery products have been developed through innovative expertise and technology and are fully supported by advanced testing procedures. A leading product of the business which is of particular note is the highly successful, in demand, domestic computer flat, terry dual-use socks machine. 


The progress and development of the business’ expert manufacturing techniques has enabled Zhuji hosiery machinery products to achieve wide recognition for their quality, effective design and reliable performance.

Led by its successful progressive management, Zhuji machinery products today compare favourably with any similar machines manufactured either in China or overseas. The Company’s thriving overseas markets currently includes The Middle East and South East Asia and also various other countries and Regions 

Here is a ‘quickie’ blog observation note ….regarding the historical development of the sock knitting machine – the forerunner- to an extent at least perhaps  – of the state of the art sock-producing machinery of the Zhuji Company…..

The first sock knitting machine was invented by the an Englishman, Mr Lee in 1589. It used crochet to produce shaped socks. In 1849, the single needle circular socks machine appeared and the tongue needle began to be used in small calibre within circular machines. 

Originally these machines produced tailored socks, but it was not until 1857 that weaving socks with pocket heels and toe caps began to be produced. In 1864, in Britain a Mr W. Cottonton invented the Cottonton socks machine -which was a crochet flat knitting machine. 

In 1900, double-cylinder circular socks machines emerged and knitted rib socks were introduced as double-headed tongue needles were applied to small-calibre circular-type machines. The neck top of the socks tended to be knitted by a special part of the hosiery machine, or even transferred to a special styled machine where it could be effectively manually finished. Hosiery, heeled socks and socks with soles and reinforced loops are now all knitted by modern socks machines.