Aoyama ‘lift off’ to a whole new performance achievement platform…. …right around the World!

March 17th – Aoyama Elevator Global was founded in Japan in 1966, and today supplies and markets a full range of multi-domain passenger elevators, scissor lifts, lift platforms and other products and services to commercial, residential and public transport environments in 60 different countries and Regions around the world.

Through development of its continually extending product range and its full-support service and innovation, Aoyama Elevator Global – now an IMD online member  – guides and aids its world-wide customers to gain competitive advantage in today’s competitive global markets through energy efficiency, joint manufacturing liaisons and ongoing wide-ranging product innovations.

Online at the Aoyama experts highlight the main features of the boom lift platform ….read on….

Features of the boom lift platform…. Through the front end bracket of the boom, you can quickly install a lifting device or a manned platform to realize the functions of material lifting, lifting and lifting, and manned aerial work. At the same time, it provides rapid expansion of the working device and various working devices.

The self-propelled aerial work lifting platform vehicle with completely independent intellectual property rights has adopted technologies, such as electromechanical-hydraulic integration, reliability design, and computer-aided design to successfully develop a fully hydraulic drive and self-propelled special chassis. It breaks through the limitation that the domestic high-altitude operation lifting platform trucks can only be modified by car or crane chassis design.

 Unique three-dimensional rotary lifting device. The designed three-dimensional rotary lifting device can not only automatically maintain the attitude of the material being lifted, but also realize the adjustment requirements of any height, any position and any direction of the lifting material in the space. The speed control is accurate and sensitive, and the micro-motion performance is good. It meets the requirements of aerial work and ventilation duct installation in large caverns.