Anitox feed safety and milling efficiency confernece

Distributors, agents and guests from around the world gathered in the Czech Republic at the end of September to attend a feed safety and milling efficiency conference organised by Anitox. A pioneer in its field, the company develops, manufactures and markets pathogen elimination, mould control and milling efficiency programmes for the feed milling and primary meat and egg production industries.

Amongst those who attended the three-day event at The Park Inn in Prague, were delegates from Asia Pacific, Poland, Turkey, Benelux, United Kingdom, Egypt, Germany and Iran. Other countries represented were Baltic States, Belarus, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Iraq, Iceland, Ireland, Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The conference included a range of presentations to highlight issues which are currently impacting on livestock feed and food safety across international markets, affecting all involved in the supply chain. They included food and feed safety legislation in the European Union and non-EU markets, technical developments and how the Anitox range of products and services assist customers to meet current and potential challenges.

Summarising the conference Roger Mann, Regional Director for Anitox in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, stated:

“Feed and food safety remains a major issue for all involved in meat production, processing and retailing throughout the world. Despite major efforts to control pathogens in feed, on-farm and during processing they remain a significant and ongoing challenge, while very high commodity prices are increasing the burden on all sectors of the industry, increasing the focus on efficient production at all stages.

“The range of solutions offered by Anitox is of increasing benefit to all sectors and we have seen a substantial increase in demand for our products, driven by more stringent food safety legislation, higher standards from retailers as well as greater consumer pressure for safer food.

“Anitox has 35 years experience in antimicrobial and mould-control technology in livestock feeds and raw materials. We are now at the forefront of the industry in terms of supplying products which provide safe feed to protect the health of livestock and consumers. We continue to invest heavily in Research & Development and have a pipeline of cutting-edge products coming through our programme. These will take Anitox into new areas and help livestock producers, feed manufacturers and food producers to meet future demands and challenges.”

The Anitox product line currently includes Termin-8® and Monoprene® bacterial control agents, the Maxi-Mil® milling efficiency program, MonoProp® and Punch® mould control agents, together with Blue Royale® water treatment and Sorb-It® aflatoxin binder. The business has an international network which supplies customers with top-quality products and the best technical, engineering, laboratory and customer support services.

Anitox now supplies many of the world’s Top 25 feed manufacturers. More than 32 million tonnes of feed/feed materials, representing 5% of worldwide animal feed production, are treated annually with Termin-8® to ensure they are pathogen-free, while many feed manufacturers use Maxi-Mil® to improve milling efficiency.