A ‘Century’ of different motors in a ‘Century’ of countries – That’s the Taizhou Xinyd Machinery success story!

March 25th – Taizhou Xinyd Machinery Co Ltd is a leading producer of an extensive range of over 100 different high quality fan motors, which it markets to over 100 countries including Europe, The United States and Japan.

Innovation,сrеаtіvіtу and manufacturing аrе the forces which drіvе the CNXINYI ѕuссеѕѕ story with its company tеаm of over 650 еmрlоуееѕ located in different 14 соuntrіеѕ, including Hong Kоng, the Unіtеd Stаtеѕ, Cаnаdа, Brazil, Eurоре,India and China. The Company is now a new IMD Online member

All CNXINYI products аrе fully-assured and tеѕtеd before еxроrt and below, one of their experts blog online at regarding the relationship between wind pressure, air volume, power and the achieved speed of the fan….

The speed ‘n’ of the fan can be directly measured by the tachometer, and its value is expressed in revolutions per minute (rev/min). Small fans typically have a high rotational speed and are often directly connected to the motor. The speed of a large fan is low. 

Generally, the belt drive is connected to the motor. The diameter of the pulley can be changed to adjust the speed of the fan. The relationship is as follows: n1/n2 = d2/d1 In the formula: n1, n2 – fan; motor speed d1, d2 – the diameter of the pulley of the fan and motor. To change the speed of the fan, just change the diameter of any one of the fans or motors.

When the fan speed is changed, so may be the characteristic parameters of the fan; The characteristic curve also changes, that is, the fan has its corresponding characteristic curve at each speed. When the speed changes, the change of the characteristic parameters Q, H, N of the fan can be calculated as follows: Q/Q` = n/n`   H/H` = (n/n`)2   N/N`= (n/n`)3……

It can be seen that if the speed of the fan is changed from n to nˊ, the change of the air volume of the fan is proportional to the primary of the speed ratio; the change of the wind pressure is proportional to the square of the speed ratio; the power change is proportional to the square of the speed ratio .

Therefore, when increasing the fan speed, there must be recalculation of the required power, and attention must be payed to whether the original motor will be overloaded. Several performance parameters of the fan are not fixed, and there is a certain internal relationship between them. 

When the fan works in the pipe network these parameters are affected by the network characteristics, so the right choice of a fan is important, as is a familiarity with its performance so that the network characteristics and the relationship between them is fully understood.